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What Manga is the besst?

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To me, story, creativity and how feelings or ideas are manipulated... These to me are very important. I don't really care about art but it shouldn't be too bad. In any sense, a badly drawn manga can't really capture, so it might not even survive in the market. But by 'best' i dont mean I like it best, but the manga which I would most recommend.

Anyway, some of it in my list: (which I had read in manga)

Still continuing:

Naruto - fav scene:

When Jiraya died alone in enemy territory and sank to the bottom of the lake. His last moments were so touching.

One piece - fav scene:

When Ace died protecting Luffy. I seem to like it when people die... :/

Pandora hearts - fav scene: (real spoilerrrrr!)

When it was revealed that Jack is the villain and the bad guys are actually trying to defeat the villain... :o super shocked.

Some others (not suitable for weak hearted):

Kamisama no iutoori.

Cage of Eden.

Gantz. (it's getting a little crappy now tho...)

Not continuing:

Katekyo hitman reborn.

3x3 eyes.

Full metal alchemist.

Not for the weak hearted:

Battle Royale.

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Bakuman. Bakuman BAKUMAN!!!!

^This. Now imagine a manga, in which character decide to draw a manga about two friends drawing a manga and the mange they are drawing is supposed to be about drawing manga in which mangas are drawn in a how to draw manga format. Mangaception. :P

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Definitely Bakuman.

A manga about two boys who draw manga about two boys who are drawing manga about two boys who want to draw manga. LOL

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Detective Conan! ^^! (Or, Case Closed. Which is the title we have over here for both the anime and manga.)


Oh, and Pokémon Adventures. (Another ongoing manga series. xD)


But Detective Conan is #1 to me as one of the best mangas!

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I only just finished it yesterday, but by God is it good.  I'm going to watch the anime adaptation when I have time, maybe next summer before I go to college.  I definitely recommend it to everyone.  As of now it's the best manga I've ever read (though I haven't really read much manga, but take it as you will).

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I personally prefer anime over manga. The only manga series I've ever completed was Rosario + Vampire (and its sequel)

Fanservice is off the charts <- Didn't particularly enjoy that part of it....

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