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I should take an art class

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What does everyone mean when they say +1? Because I need to +1 you as well!

Great work cure-kun :). I'm always happy when I see your drawings <3

We're giving Cure-kun reps, or reputation on his profile. In the bottom right corner of every post there is a little green circle with a plus on it. add.png You click this to give someone a rep for a post they made. For drawings done, we do it on the original post. You can see the little number in the green box next to it to see how many Cure has for this particular drawing, or you can go to some users profiles to see what their reputation is. I recommend Kid the Phantom Thief.

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Good picture. I like the shading, and it doesn't look that weird at some parts at all. I'm not exactly a perfectionist, so don't take my word for it, but I think it's great!

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Okay~ Whoa long time no see. I know. Sorry about that...

First: Haibara with gun


messy. yup. messy... let's shade in.


the gun is a major failure...


This one came out great. it's cut out because it is going to be on my binder. one thing I don't like : fingers. it was hell... too hard... <_<


Rough sketch. you can see how I kinda label darkness of each parts


shaded in. well, it's obviously not done.


This is the hardest part. If you smudge on places where you shouldn't, you have to erase and re-shade...


Carefully erase the smudges, fix if you have to, and add some more detail... TADA!

This is pre-cut. Yes. this is on my binder.


Well I forgot to take pictures while drawing this. The ear(our right) is too big and the eye(our left) is a bit small, but it came out great.

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