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Favourite MAIN Theme

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So. . . I would love to know what your favourite MAIN THEME is.

I dont think there is a thread like this, only a Fav. Opening thread.

Well, I have two:

Meitantei Conan Main Theme Seikimatsu Version & Meitantei Conan Main Theme Shikkoku Version.

So, what's yours? :D

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While we're at it, for those who want to listen to the version of the 15th Movie, it's available : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1061399567 (it's the 26th soundtrack).

It's not bad, it's actually much better than last year's theme IMO, but it's not great either (I don't think the part played with the flute really fits, even if it's very nice) and it lacks the upbeatness of my favorite versions.

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Main theme? Do you mean the Detective Conan Main theme? Because I like all the versions that play in all 15 movies. I also like the vocal version which is Kimi Ga Ireba. Right now,I'm trying to find Movie 15's version so I can add it to my MP3.

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