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Post your top 5 Animes (and why)!

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No particular order, I love them all the same.

  1. Steins;Gate- Hands down. Art may not have been stellar, but everything else it had to offer completely makes up for it. 
  2. Nichijou- The show is basically a huge exaggerated metaphor for life. The humor is so unique it's hard not to smile while watching it.
  3. ATLA/LOK- They don't really count as anime, but after rewatching a few episodes, it's actually a lot deeper than most make them out to be.
  4. FMAB- It may have been long forgotten, but it's still a classic.
  5. Detective Conan- This is only based on my bias since it's been in my life for a while. Aside from all the fillers, the show is actually decent.

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I have a lot of favorite anime but so far my top 5 are:

(Not in order)

1. Fuushigi Yuugi - one of the classic love story anime for me. I believe this was my first romantic anime I've watched.

2. Inuyasha - I love the action and of course Kagome and Inuyasha love story.

3. Clannad - the most saddest, heartbreaking anime story I've ever watched that really captured my heart. Its a good cry story.

4. Kaichou wa Maid sama - Very Romantic, Cute and Funny. It's a story in which I hold on to the happy feelings longer that I got from it.

5. Detective Conan - Suspenseful, it was the anime that I am very curious about.

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My top 5 animes are on the same level as each other, so the first one isnt the best, they are all AWESOME!!!

• Fairy Tail-Cuz the main characters are funny and it always makes you happy to watch Natsu and the others fight for each other!

•Fullmetal Alchemist-The Story behind this is the best ive seen, Its as funny as Fairy Tail and You get really hooked in towards the end, the fighting isnt long and detailed since it isnt the main subject, its not long but it gets u crying when it finishes, there is a movie that continues the main series!

•Blue Excorcist-Its a Short anime ( :'( makes me cry! ) but it states evrything clearly and awesomely, It gets you itching for the main characters' power to be discovered until the very end, (Since his friends have a deep connection to it), If you like getting all hyped up over the cool and funny guy, then this is higly reccomened!

•One Piece-The Characters all have a Very trusting bond with each other, and very different personalities (like fairy tail) They Defy the very meaning of pirates; doing everything for gold and glory, instead they do everything for their friends, The well of people and their AWESOME goals! Their encouraging words, humorous attitudes, AWESOME fights will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

•Magic Kaito-I dont think i need to write why, cause most of you have already watched this... since the creator of detective conan created this as well, but what ever! Jumping from buildings, Crawling across the floor and Being THE BEST UNCATCHABLE THEIF EVER, looking for an anime like this? Well, NOW YOU GOT ONE! Taking over his dead fathers job, as Kaito Kid, the BEST theif ever... blagh blagh blagh!!! Sorry but im too tired to write more, since... i turned my *Why?* for one piece into more like an ad! Well anyway you get why i like it right? Oh right! KAITO KID WILL AMAZE YOU WITH HIS INCREDIBLE MAGIC AS HE STEALS AND RETURNS! Done!

Well anyway since i can only write my * Top 5 anime * i cant write a 6th... or a 7th...or a- well whatever i dont know but i think i have more animes that i really liked on my profile page for interests, so go see if you want to!

EXTRA ANIME! DETECTIVE CONAN! No need to say why cuz all the people here already know!


My Fair Mouse in The House!

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I'm listing this in no particular order, it's just too hard to decide their respective rankings.


  • Code Geass - first anime I watched and it was freaking awesome. I'm obviously biased but it's the anime I enjoyed watching the most. I'm still getting shivers when I re-watch it hahaha.
  • Steins;Gate - I'm not a fan of Sci-fi but this I enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the story. That plot twist halfway through the story. ♥
  • OreGairu - main reason why I'm listing it here is because of its main character, Hikigaya Hachiman. If not for him this probably won't be even in here. His character is just one-of-a-kind.
  • Golden Time - it didn't have the best plot but gosh everything meshed so well. It's more realistic than most Romance anime I've watched (granted, I didn't watch much). The Romance focused on their relationship after dating each other rather than the normal "Would they end up together?".
  • Slam Dunk - big basketball junkie here. It's old but gold hahaha. Found it better than Kuroko no Basket since it didn't require impossible skills to make it good.


Detective Conan is of course a given in my favorite anime but I can't say it's in my top five. I'm not that dedicated to watching the series because it's long but I still like watching it. Oh, and the top five will probably change since there's a lot of good anime I haven't watched yet (FMAB being the most obvious hahaha).

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Oh dear, the list needs updating.


1. Code Geass (R1 and R2): Because the ending.

2. Shingeki no Kyojin: Because the art.


I'll leave this open for Steins;Gate.

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Only top 5... hmmm....


  1. Hunter x Hunter - It's just so well written. The characters are all memorable and likable, none of them are black or white. They're all the gray area which gives them a lot of depth and makes them feel very real in a sense. The arcs are all well paced and original--I mean in the Greed Island arc there was a dodge-ball match that was actually pretty exciting to watch. I love the main 4 and could just talk about them forever and I want them to always be happy,,,
  2. Natsume Yuujinchou - Such a nice series. Natsume's incredibly precious and deserves happiness more than most people I know. Nyanko-sensei's just nyanko-sensei and is funny on occasion. It made me cry at least twice and was very relaxing and it was one series of the few I can think of that non-anime fans might like. It's only been a year since I watched it but it's nonetheless kinda nostalgic for me, that's just the kind of atmosphere the show had. 
  3. Haikyuu!! - This is what got me into sports anime. The characters are all likable and also memorable. All of them--every single of them is a giant nerd It's so great. It also helped that volleyball is one of the few sports I like and I have friends that play it too so I understood what was going on during the matches. And HQ has one of the few fandoms I really like so that's a plus. 
  4. Daily Lives of High School Boys - I don't think any other anime has made me laugh as hard as many times as this one did. All the skits are just amazing. If this never gets a second season I'm gonna be so sad because 12 episodes just really wasn't enough. 
  5. Code Geass - I like seeing the strategic side of battles. And I found Lelouch and his whole thought process interesting and different. I also just really like military anime so... I truthfully don't remember the main reasons why I liked this one as much as I did

Mawaru Penguindrum, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and Oofuri get honorable mentions

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1- Detective Conan - It is my favourite anime because it is very interesting and always full of mystery.

2- Magic Kaito - It always makes me laugh.

3- Dragon Ball Z - It is full of adventures and Z warriors.



Only these many I use to watch.

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1. Hunter X Hunter: Especially 1999 since I grew up with it. Has one of the best character developments I've ever seen in the Chimera Ant arc.

2. Detective Conan: I grew up with it as well, it also has good character development.

3. Yu Yu Hakusho: It's made by Togashi, the anime has amazing soundtrack.

4. Magi: Good story, has some funny scenes and it has good character interactions.

5. Dbz: First anime I ever watched, but aside from nostalgia, it's a decent anime. 

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1) Dragon Ball (whole franchise): father of modern shonen. So many epic fights and great character development. Watching Goku growing up from a wild child who didn't even know how to count, from the greatest hero in anime is very impressive. Fun fact, Akira Toriyama wasn't even very interested in manga before, and is a natural talent. He managed to create potentially the most impactful anime ever. Just compare Goku to about any shonen main character and you'll similarities appearing.


2) Hunter x Hunter: watched only the 2011 version and started the manga, but gosh, it's truely great. This is no ordinary shonen, every character is in the grey zone, nothing is black and white. All the fights are about who is smarter, and not who is stronger. Also the Chimera Ants arc, one of the best arc in anime ever created, and such a great development here for the main character Gon Freecss.


3) Detective Conan: of course so much nostalgia here, and I love Sherlock Holmes, and so mangas being my favorite books... Great character development here, cases are just so creative and satisfying to watch being resolved. Also it's very balanced: you have humor, action, romance, love, feelings... I love that combination of those elements, everybody can find something to rely to here.


4) One Punch Man: first that opening though, gives me the chills everytime. Funny as hell, and a very good satire of shonen, yet epic at the same time. Seeing the main character being already the strongest and reflecting on how it is to be at the top made me think a lot about shonen.


5) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: not much to say here, but I enjoyed it a lot. Full of humor, fun to watch and a good plot. A classic.

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1) Detective conan: My favorite anime is DC, I've been a fan for almost 7 years now. Good character development.

2) Kaito Kid: Had a lot of humor, I like the way it always made me laugh.

3) Barakoman: If you're looking for a good anime, I'll recommend this one.

4) ERASED: Such a fantastic anime, one of my favorites until now.

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#1 Detective Conan, One Piece, Dragon Ball Franchise

Can't pick number one since I love all of them.

#2 Hunter x Hunter

Great storyline, awesome art, awesome characters.

#3 Prince of Tennis


#4 One Punch Man

Action-Comedy rules!!

#5 Kuroko no Basuke

Love the story and characters.

#Extra D-Frag

Comedy! Comedy! Comedy!

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1. Detective conan

I love the plot and even though it has a lot of filler I just love the cases and I feel like you can learn some stuff from Japan that you don't expect to learn

2. Saiki

It's a comedy I like and it is my favorite comedy

3. Love is war

Another comedy that I love and the fact that they are so stubborn to admit they like each other.

4. Akatsuki no Yona

I love how it shows how oblivious Yona is about her kingdom and afterwards is taking it seriously and the fact that even though she was spoiled she is very sharp and observant about what's really going on out of her kingdom

5. Skip Beat

I love how she is getting revenge and the fact that she does really well in acting and how she lost the feeling of love, but is developing that love once again.

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  1. Case Closed; mystery, action, romance, Holmes... I love it!
  2. Spy X Family; I mean, it brings happiness even if it's about saving the world and all.
  3. Zero's Tea Time; I love Amuro and with his backstory, I can't not watch this anime.
  4. 86 EIGHTY-SIX; lots of battles and sadness, but the characters are awesome.
  5. Barakamon; it makes me laugh with its light story.

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