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Illusions.. or real illusions

Hidden in an illusion is the real illusion

From one illusion will sprout another illusion

Hidden in truths lie lies, hidden in lies hides the truth


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[10:18] <PT> There'll probably be a deduction list with my name on it.

[10:19] <Moho> N1: PT kills Parkur. Someone uses Deduction.

[10:19] <Moho> Deduction list: PT, PT, PT, PT, PT.

[10:19] <Moho> Guess who killed Parkur?

[10:20] <angel801> Or anokata could blame PT for killing Parkur on night 1.

[10:20] <Moho> That'd be pointless

[10:21] <PT> XD

[10:21] <Moho> you don't need to frame PT to make people believe that

I remember this from conversation before Mini Mafia :D

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“I can’t do this.” I whisper toLibby, my best friend, as we walk into the Philadelphia International Airport.We are flying to Disney World together, and it is my first time ever at theairport. “This is crazy Libby! How do you expect me sit in a little metal boxthat is going to fly thirty thousand feet above the ground?”

“Come on, silly!” exclaims Libby. “All youhave to do is go through security check, get on the plane, and get off. Thereis nothing difficult about that!”

“It is not hard for you,” I mutter,“because you have been to the airport countless times. This isn’t a newexperience for you.” I trudge slowly behind her until we reach a securityofficer, austere and grim, who asks us for our passports in a monotonous voice.Timidly, I hand him my passport and boarding pass. He quickly compares my faceto my passport photo, makes a mark on my boarding pass, and tells me to moveon.

I scurry forward to catch upwith Libby, who is feeling at home in her surroundings. “Now take off yourshoes, belt, jacket, and basically anything metal.” She instructs. “Puteverything in a gray basket, and then wait for the security person to callyou.”

I do as she says, putting mybackpack, jewelry, and even cell phone into one of the baskets. A securityguard ushers me forward and I walk through the security check. Immediately, itsstarts beeping, and I let out a small shriek. “I didn’t do anything!” I whimperto the woman behind me.

Kindly, she asks, “Do you haveanything in your pockets?” Blushing, I reach into my pockets, and pull out ahandful of coins. I hastily dump them in a tray, and try walking through thescreening again- this time without a problem.

My face burning withembarrassment, I gather my things and jam them into my purse. “Let’s go,” Imumble to Libby.

Libby smiles sympathetically, andthen says, “It’s okay. That happens a lot. It is really nothing to be afraidof, or embarrassed about.”

Already, my attention haslingered away from the humiliating ordeal that took place at the securityscreening moments before, and on to my surroundings.

Everywhere I turn, people arelistening to their MP3s, playing on their handheld devices, or texting on theirphones. As people pass by me, I can hear snippets of their conversation as theywalk to their gates. I recognize the smell of the many foods emanating from therestaurants around me. McDonald breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and popcornscents all mingle in the air. The airport is truly a magnificent place.

“Come on Maggie!” Libby criesimpatiently. “Our flight is going to leave in half an hour. They probablyalready started boarding by now!”

Suddenly I remember the horribletruth: I am going to have to get on a plane. My knees tremble at the thought, andI think. What else can I do? There is noother way for me to get to Florida. Though I want to have a fun vacation inOrlando, I am not sure that I will live through the flight. Nevertheless, Ifollow Libby through the labyrinth of hallways until we reach our assignedgate, D6.

Sinking into a chair, I drop mystuff on the floor, only to be stopped by my friend. “No! You can’t sit downnow!” reprimands Libby. “It is time to go! We are about to board!”

I get back on my feet, sighing.“Do we have to go?” I whine. “What if something happens on the pane? We wouldbe crushed like ants!”

“Stop it!” Libby chides,sounding like a stern mother talking to her child. “Maggie Smith, you will get on this plane and you will not be afraid!”

I let her drag me to theboarding line, subdued for the moment. The next few minutes seem to pass in ablur, as we get our boarding passes scanned, and walk down a ramp to enter theaircraft.

All of a sudden, I realize thatI am actually inside of an airplane. I become claustrophobic and nauseated. The seats are too close together. There aretoo many people. How will this immense aircraft ever leave the ground?

I reach my seat, 27A, whiletrying to settle down my fears. Fists clenching, heart pounding, I sit down inthe seat, small and uncomfortable. My breathing becomes labored as I clasp theseat belt together; my palms are sweaty. I shut my eyes and try to imaginemyself at home, anywhere but here.

Bebrave Maggie. Itell myself. There must be millions offlights that take off every year, and maybe only one hundred of those planescrash. Grabbing Libby’s hand, I take deep breaths to calm myself.

Even as the emergency videostarts and the plane starts to move, I stay in the same position. Suddenly, theengines come to life and the plane’s angle changes dramatically. We arestarting the flight.

I don’t open my eyes, even for aminute, during the first three hours. The flight attendants come by offeringpretzels and drinks, but nothing distracts me. I am utterly focused keeping my eyes shut, soI won’t be able to look out the window and see how high up we are.

However, after I have spent mytime worrying, I slowly open my eyes, and look outside. “Wow!” I gasp. “It’sbeautiful up here! I cannot even tell that we are so far up!” I relax my gripon Libby’s hand for a minute, and then feel the airplane plunging forward,beginning its descent.

About to let loose a scream, Irealize, Why should I act so scared?Would it kill me to be brave, and sit through this flight? If everyone else cando this, why can’t I? I sit back in my chair, still anxious, but calmerthan before.

Looking out the window, Icarefully monitor our passage to the ground. I am repressing the fears that havebeen building up inside of me. But it is not until I hear, “Thank you forflying with Continental Airlines and welcome to Orlando…” that I breathe a sighof relief and truly relax.

¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨

Courage could mean many thingsto various people. From saving a drowning person to standing up for somethingthat you feel is right, courage can be thought of as anything where you stepoutside of your comfort zone. Often, we think of courage as bravery, strength,kindness, or selflessness. But I think that even being able to try somethingyou fear is a form of courage. For me, courage came on the airplane fromPhiladelphia to Orlando. I was able to face my fear of flight- and fly in anairplane for the very first time.

My friend asked me to edit her English essay...

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On April 25th, 2011, there will be a day dedicated to people who are battling depression and suicide and to advocate a lifestyle of unconditional love. On this day draw a heart on your wrist to symbolise that you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. Ask someone how they are doing, tell someone you love them. Nobody should have to feel so bad about themselves that they take their own life. Take this challenge, show them you care, draw a heart.

Something off my Tumblr that I copied and pasted to show someone that asked me why I drew a heart on my wrist today...

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figure it out your self it's becuase I was using invisble ink instead of white

Hide that, conanshinichi. It's supposed to be a secret.


Copied from ConanKoibito's profile (I think). No particular reason.

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I was trying to find out what it meant - in the forum game 'give the person above you a nickname' :)

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MSK Re-Dos

Chapter 1 

Shinichi's POV

"Ran, would you try to stop crying already?" I asked, leaning down, an exasperated look on my face. "It's starting to get more than slightly annoying. All I hear is sobs and sniffles. Brighten up already!"

"Shut up, Shinichi!" Ran's blue irises were outlined with lines of red, nose pink from constant rubbing. How much can this girl cry? "Not everyone sees murders every stinking day of their life! Especially not beheadings!"

"Okay, maybe the method was harsh, but you should cheer up. We went to Tropical Land to have fun, remember?" I smiled at her, hoping she'd follow my lead. I was personally quite disappointed at today's results: what had started out as a great start on the romantic outlook turned horrifying when a murder plagued our roller coaster ride. So much for my dreamed untainted 'fun'.

"I know that you deduction baka," she replied, wiping away her tears. Light from surrounding vendors and the above moon reflected off of her chocolate hair, making her look beautiful. More beautiful than before. It reminds me of why I asked her to come with me.

My heart did a flip as I imagined just confessing now. Maybe I'd get the smile I'd hoped to see. Then my brain envisioned the more realistic results. Laughter, and after that, endless teasing. I'd save the confession for later.

"Okay, okay," I said, giving up the fight, soothing her by patting her shoulder. She looked up gently at me, giving a slight hint of happiness in the tiny grin.

As I stared back, a black figure caught my attention. Swiveling around to get a better view, I peeked over Ran's head to see the tall, stocky man who had ridden in the roller coaster with us. He surveyed his surroundings, giving off the aura of suspicion and extreme caution. There was a strange bump around his waist, as if there was a small item placed around it.

That's strange, I thought, my detective mind whirring. Where have I seen that shape before?  Also, where's that blond man who was with him? 

As quickly as my questions took form, my brain returned answers faster than a calculator could solve math problems. That shape! I realized, heart pounding with furious excitement. It- it's a gun! It has to be! Only police are allowed to own guns in Japan though... He can't be a policeman though, the only other choice is a smuggler or Yakuza! I'll need proof in order to catch him though. That man was probably his partner. This is excellent! I'll have both of them behind bars in no time!

The man suddenly slipped away into the shadows behind him, and my instincts urged me to follow. This was a case, and there was no way I could resist the pull of stopping crime. It was what I lived for as a detective- and what I lived for after death.

"Ran, I just remembered something I forgot to do!" I told her as my feet started carrying me in the direction of the mysterious person. "Leave without me- I'll catch up to you soon!"

"Wait, Shinichi!" she protested. "Please don't go!"

If only I listened to her, I might have stayed. If I had seen the expression on her face, fearful and full of worry, I might have stopped. If I just waited a second more, perhaps she could have convinced me to tell the police instead of handling what was to happen by myself.  Unfortunately, I didn't do any of the above things, which would ultimately lead to my downfall. 

Foolishly, naively, I instead approached death without a fear, not knowing my fate had been sealed the moment I entered that unlit, hidden alley. Silently, I pressed to the wall, carefully making sure I wasn't discovered as I inched farther along, tracking the stocky man until he reached an empty space lined with frail bushes and one lone lamppost, revealing a shorter, mustached man in the darkness.

He was short and fat, eyes covered by dark shades, wearing a high-class designer suit, complete with tie and even including a large briefcase which hung in front of him, grasped by his chubby fingers. Sweat was pouring down his face, body almost shaking as he announced, "I brought the money as you told me to. Now where is the video?"

Smiling, the other man snickered, voice laced with a fox-like quality as he answered, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. The money always comes first. You should know that."

As the other person hesitated, his hand moved ever so slightly to his hip, and the reaction proved my suspicions. "O-of course sir!" replied the chubby man promptly, nervous and frantic with fear. The scene in front of me reminded me of a cat playing with a mouse, toying around until it decides to give the killing blow. "Here it is!"

When he opened it with a clack of metal, I was immediately astounded by the amount of yen I saw. Stack upon stack of 10,000 yen bills, filling the briefcase entirely. There must be at least 100,000,000 yen in there! I mentally calculated. That makes this blackmail!

I reached for the disposable camera I'd been using all day. 10 photos left, I examined. That's more than enough. Just gotta block the flash and I can pull this off without a hitch...

Barely a second after I snapped the first picture, I heard the crunching of footsteps behind me. Crap, I'd forgotten that his comrade might have been-

"Your detective game is over, meitantei." I caught a glimpse of long blond hair and cold, chilling green eyes as a blur of hard, blunt metal hit me over the head.

"Agh!" I screamed, but the sound was nearly inaudible as I laid still in agony. My skull felt as if it had cracked, pain overshadowing all other worries, warm, sticky blood dripped onto my face, and the salty, unmistakable taste of it entered my mouth. 

My instincts screamed to flee, but I could not move, immobilized by the shock and sheer pain. I heard laughter from behind me and shoes hitting the ground fast. The man must have run off, and I wished I could follow.

"A-aniki," uttered a gravelly tome, sounding surprised. "What happened?"

"This brat saw everything that just happened. Took a couple of shots too," explained a sinister voice, icy and monotone. A stomp and then the crunch of plastic ensured the camera's destruction. 

"Should we kill him?" My heart pounded wildly and adrenaline pulsed through my veins as I processes it. Come on! Move you idiot! Your life's on the line here, Kudo Shinichi! The cocking of a gun reaches my ears, and I prepare for a sickening bang that will signal my end.

"Hold it. You don't have a silencer on you, and those police are still around. This is the perfect opportunity to test out Sherry's new poison."

Sherry? I wondered. Poison? Oh no, that means-

"Since her original test subject disappeared, this detective brat'll be our little guinea pig. That girl said it'll leave no traces of poison on the body; let's put her skills to the test, shall we? Open wide," he said with a malicious, teasing tone, lifting up my head.

Taking out a cylindrical tube filled with water, he pulled a black case from his pocket, opening it to show small red and white pills. It must have been the poison. One was slipped into my mouth, and it's foul taste seeped into my tongue, and I immediately felt fire.

I leaned forward a little to try to hack it up, but the water was forced in and my mouth held closed. "Can't let you spit it out." Laughter from above me. "Be a good boy and swallow."

I tried to resist, but he was too strong for me in my weakened state. The poison went down.

He let go, allowing me to fall back onto the ground, body already burning. It was as if somebody had increased the temperature of the earth at least 100 degrees, melting me down piece by piece.

"See you later," said the sinister voice. "Meitantei."

The poison seemed to spread, expand, threatening to char me to mere ashes. No, no, no! I thought, mind still reeling. I- I can't die yet! I'm only seventeen! I have dreams, plans, a crush- God help me! 

Apparently not even heaven has the ability to ward off done evil, apparent as I take my last, shaky breaths, eyes closed, unmoving. The pain alleviated as I drifted into eternal slumber. The darkness claimed me as I floated.


30 minutes later...

"I found a dead body!" yelled a police officer, motioning to his comrades. Upon closer inspection, he declared, "It's Kudo Shinichi! He's been murdered!"

My itouch edits of MSK... sorry it's so long. XD

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The company’s scientists test the GM crop for allergens, toxins, and anti-nutrients (compounds that inhibit the absorption of nutrients) and this data is submitted to the FDA. If the levels are ‘substantially equivalent’ to the conventional plant, the GM plant is approved for commercial sale and consumption. The FDA grants Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status to GM foods, which means that these foods do not undergo additional tests or analysis with the FDA, unless there is a claim of a nutritional or health benefit. The guidelines for the conduct of food safety assessment of foods derived from GM plants are available online3. The rationale for this approach is that because whole foods are complex mixtures of compounds, animal studies cannot be readily applied for toxicological assessment because if any toxicity were found, it would be difficult to pinpoint what part of the food caused the toxicity. A report by the USA General Accounting Office contains recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of the FDA’s evaluation of GM foods, including randomly verifying submitted test data, and increasing the transparency of the safety evaluations4. This would also improve the public’s confidence in the safety of GM foods. It is apparently still deemed unfeasible by scientists and regulatory officials to monitor long-term health risks of GM foods, as there is no scientific evidence of such possible harm and such studies would be technically challenging.

Genetically modified food research. I forgot where I got it so I don't know the link.

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About the 50 Harmful Effects of GM Foods

This article does more than dispute the industry and certain government officials' claims that genetically-modified (GM) foods are the equivalent of ordinary foods not requiring labeling. It offers an informative list of the vast number of alarm signals, at least fifty hazards, problems, and dangers. also interspersed are deeper philosophical discussion of how the "good science" of biotechnology can turn against us as a thano-technology, grounded in a worldview that most seriously needs to be revisied.

When pesticides were first introduced, they also were heralded as absolutely safe and as a miracle cure for farmers. Only decades later the technology revealed its truer lethal implications. Here the potentially lethal implications are much broader.

The following list of harms is also divided into several easily referred-to sections, namely on health, environment, farming practices, economic/political/social implications, and issues of freedom of choice. There is a concluding review of means of inner activism - philosophical, spiritual, worldview changing. Next there is a list of action-oriented, practical ideas and resources for personal, political and consumer action on this vital issue. Finally, I want the reader to know that this article is a living document, subject to change whenever new and important information becomes available.

Research on GMOs....

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