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You Are Falling When You...

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-When You're Tortured & Can't sleep at night.

-When You Cannot Hurt him no matter how he hurts you

-When you think someday you'll be TOEGTHER and waste all your youth on waiting.

-When You Can't look at him at the eye

-When you can't remove your eyes from home unless he noticed you staring at him

-When You cherish every nice word he says it to you and repeat it in your mind over and over.

-When you convince yourself that he's the only one for you.

-When He speaks To you and you wish for that conversation to never end.

-When You become very jealous when he's near another girl.

-When You're wishing to kill his Crush.

-When you just love him more than you love yourself.

That's what I've thought of.

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I think that "oh shit" feeling applies pretty well to falling both physically and romantically. 


-When You're wishing to kill his Crush.


I can't quite say the few people I've had a thing for have made me homicidal, but y'know, to each his own.

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