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Who's the Most Attractive Girl/Woman in DC?

Who's the Most Attractive Girl/Woman in DC?  

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  1. 1. Who's the Most Attractive Girl/Woman in DC?

  2. 2. More chicks

    • **Someone on another list only**
    • Sonoko Suzuki
    • Minerva Glass
    • Kobayashi Sumiko
    • Enomoto Azusa
    • Miike Naeko
    • Megure Midori
    • Koshimizu Natsuki (detective of south)
    • Suzuki Ayako
    • Kujo Reiko
    • Momoi Keiko
    • Kuroba Chikage
    • Chianti
    • Sharon Vineyard (Vermouth)
    • Chris Vineyard (also Vermouth)
    • Tsuburaya Asami
    • Kuriyama Midori (Eri's secretary)
    • Parkur
    • space for rent
    • space for rent

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Well, from the women population in Detective Conan, I guess I was attracted the most from Shiho. Of course she has a nice figure, but that's not what mainly attracted me to her. Her way of talking, thinking, basically her whole character is what attracted me the most.

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