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Future of Detective Conan anime?

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So, the newest chapter of the manga, file 1008, ended with Aoyama-sensei announcing that the manga series will go on an indefinite hiatus while he recovers from health issues. I definitely understand this as I am currently sick myself and don't really feel like doing anything. So, while I definitely wish Aoyama-sensei the best and a very speedy recovery, I can't help but wonder what this hiatus of the manga series will mean for the future of the Detective Conan anime. The producers of the anime understandably try to maintain a fairly constant buffer between the newest anime episodes and the newest manga chapters. But, with no new manga chapters being produced for a while, what will the anime team do throughout Aoyama-sensei's hiatus? Will 2018 be a year comprised almost entirely of anime original cases? Yes, according to the anime guide in the wiki, the first two cases of 2018 are adapted from the manga, but what about after that? Will the anime producers go ahead and catch up to the manga before churning out a slew of anime originals? Will the show's 2018 run focus more on remastering older episodes? Will the anime go on hiatus as well? Will the anime end up cancelled because new source material has stopped like with Magic Kaito 1412? What do you guys think?

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They will probably do what they did during the last manga hiatus, when the anime caught up to just before the manga hiatus started,  they ran a ton of anime original episodes. From the beginning of Oct 2015 to the middle of Feb 2016 they had 14 AO episodes and two remastered episodes (that were also AOs), for a total of 16 episodes in a row with no new manga content. 


I''m genuinely surprised they are pushing Rumi out into the anime before they do their AO break, unless they plan to sprinkle more than the usual AO cases in-between her appearances rather than just do a long stretch of AO.  

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