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Favorite Episodes

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i like all the episodes but i can mention a few like


The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case

Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case

The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case

The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case

Caught Up with the Great Detective! 2 Murder Cases!

The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case

The Desperate Revival

The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages

The Dissonance of the Stradivarius

Clash of Red and Black series

Furinkazan series

Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out

The Design of Poison and Mirage

Holmes’ Revelation


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My favorites are all episodes where we don't have the usual tear-jerking story about somebody who didn't get justice through the law and starts killing the guilty ones out of despair. I don't remember all episodes with such a plot, but I would choose as favorites:



The fearful traversing murder case

Heiji Hattori's desperate situation


And the one about a thief caught by the Detective Boys with Conan getting everything wrong, I think it was episode 225 (Secret of the high sales). Too funny!


By the way, many people say they like the manga episodes MUCH more than the anime specials, saying they are much more interesting. Is there really such a difference in quality? I used to watch the series without checking which episode was manga-based and didn't notice much difference, I mean, some surely were more interesting than others, but I didn't get the impression it was determined by whether they were manga based or not.

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i love all the ones that are related to the plot like the BO episodes they are soo freaking intense!!!! when questions are answered more questions rise that what makes these episodes sooo interesting XD


i also love any episode that shows the shinichi and ran development and my favs would have to be:


Holmes Arc (616 - 621) and New York Arc (286 - 288)


i love those two characters!!!! :wub:


the detective boys have some nice episodes too

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Hello Everyone!

I'm still new here and I gave a thought of scanning through forums and I saw this thread.

In my own opinion...


I can't get over with the episode 26 and of course episode 617




I hope some can relate on these episodes >_<

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Hmm... that's hard to answer. But I like-

1. The dog, John case

2. The one where Kogoro solves a trick but the trick was just a frozen fish (I laughed)

3. The valentines one!!! Not the snow one but the cough drop one





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well i like 'em all

but i am looking forward for this Episode btw,

2014's sixth issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine is announcing on January 8 that a new Detective Conan anime special project is launching. The "astonishing collaboration" is tentatively titled "Edogawa Conan Shissō Jiken ~Shijō Saiaku no Ichinishi" (The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Day in History), and it will recount a previously untold story from Conan's past.

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The Roller Coaster Murder Case (Episode 1)

The Diplomat Murder Case (Episode 48-49)

The Night Baron Murder Case (Episode 68-69-70)

Conan vs Kaito Kid (Episode 76)

Caught Up with the Great Detective ! Two Murder Cases (Episode 96)

Tne Naniwa Serial Murder Case (Episode 118)

The Black Corps One Billion Yen Robbery Case (Episode 128)

A University Proffessor and A Girl Who Came From the Black Organization (Episode 129)

Magic Lover's Murder Case (Episode 132-133-134)

The North Star #3 Express Leaving Ueno (Episode 144-145)

Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story (Episode 153-154)

The Monster of the Tottori Spider Mansion (Episode 166-167-168)

The 20 Year Old Murder Case : The Symphony Murder Case (Episode 174)

The Reunion with the Black Organization (Episode 176-177-178)

Despirate Revival (Episode 188-189-190-191-192-193)

The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 (Episode 205-206)

The Gathered Detectives ! Kudo Shinichi vs Kaito Kid (Episode 219)

And Then There Were No Mermaids (Episode 222-223-224)

The Mysterious Passenger (Episode 230-231)

The Man From Chicago (Episode 258-259)

The Osaka Double Mystery : The Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle (Episode 263)

English Theacher vs Great Western Detective ( Episode 277-278)

The Kudo Shinichi's New York Case (Episode 286-287-288)

The Soliatary Island of the Princess and the Dragon King's Palace ( Episode 291-292-293)

Parade Malice and Saint ( Episode 301-302)

Trembling Metropolitan Police Headquarters 12 million Hostages (Episode 304)

The Dark Footprint ( Episode 307-308)

The Contact with the Black Organization (309-310-311)

Alike Pricesses (Episode 333-334)

Head to Head Match with the Black Organization, Two Mysterious Night of the Full Moon (Episode 345)

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Kaito Kid's Miracle Midair Walk ( Episode 356)

Dissonance of the Stradivarious Violin (Episode 385-386-387)

Big Adventure at the Unconventional Mansion (Episode 394-395-396)

Sonoko's Red Handkerchief ( Episode 457-458)

The Shadow of the Black Organization ( Episode 462-463-464-465)

Kaito Kid and Four Masterpiece ( Episode 469-470)

Young Kudo Shinichi's Adventure ( Episode 472-473)

Three Days with the Hattori Heiji ( Episode 479)

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 8 : Wedding Finger (Episode 487)

Demon of the TV Station (Episode 488)

The Courtroom Battle III : The Witness is a Public Defender (Episode 489)

Hattori Heiji vs Kudo Shinichi : The Reasoning Showndown on the Ski Slopes (Episode 490)

The Clash of Red and Black (Episodes 491-504)

Kaito Kid's Teleportation Magic ( Episode 515)

Furinkazan (Episode 516-517)

Murderer Kudo Shinichi, What She truly wants to ask (Episode 521-522-523)

The Mansion of the Dead and Red Wall (Episode 558-559-560-561)

Detective Boys vs Robber Group (Episode 563-564)

Teacher Kobayashi's Love and Inspector Shiratori's Broken Heart ( Episode 582-583)

The Kirin's Horn That Vanished into the Dark , Kaito Kid vs Four Divine Detective Boys (Episode 584-585-586)

Holmes Revelation (Episodes 616-621)

The Case of the Besiaged Detective Agency ( Episode 647-648-649)

Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case (Episode 691-692)

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There are a few anime originals that I like, but for the most part, my favorites are all manga based. As for my overall favorite, that would be episode 425-the Black Impact episode as it introduces 3 new BO characters, which was great to see as we only had three that were introduced at the time that were still alive.

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I love any episode which involves FBI, Black Oragnization, Kaito Kid and Heji. I specially love the episode which has the ghost ship which also has alot of plot twists and Vermouth was intoduced in.

same here -- love the episodes that mostly has to do with the storyline (especially the ones with Shuichi/Subaru in it)

one of my favorite episodes is 704, The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Destination) :)

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watched the 2-hour special The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages yesterday... so good *sobs*

Jinpei Matsuda is so cool... made me sad when he died :(

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