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Found 44 results

  1. Hi... According to my investigation about crunchyroll and horriblesubs ...., I figure out that horrible doesn't translate any shit thing, Due to licensing limitations, Detective conan's videos are unavailable in their region...., So they publish the (sub-ep) of detective conan after one week of its shows in japan, In other words, After The Full Ep has been Free to everyone to watch at crunchyroll So,.. Do Anyone know The Non-Banned Countries Which can Watch at crunchyroll,Detective Conan Eps at the same day of it shows in japan? Please reply if you Know any country......,
  2. As posted in April on DCTP, Discotek has obtained licensing rights to release both Lupin Vs Detective Conan crossovers. Both the special and movie are going to be released on DVD (Doesn't look like they will be released on Blu-Ray for the time being) On twitter, Discotek announced that both the movie and special would be available for purchase by October 27th. You can watch the trailer for Discotek's release of the movie below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJecgy9q28 Pre-orders are now available for both the movie and the special.
  3. SO I decided to rewrite my DCxGTA crossover fanfic with some new plots. This is the summary, the fanfic will follow. Note: - The Black Organization are the good guys in this crossover fanfic (only for one of the main characters, they're bad guys for the other characters.) - This story begins after the GTA V plot (I decided to pick Revenge ending in GTA IV and killed Playboy X in The Holland Play, but he cheated death xD) - There's several fictional cities and island in this fanfic. - This fanfic's conversation has several languages. Translation are included. - The plots are very complex and unique. Current Main characters (more will be added): - Hidemi Hondou, a CIA agent - Radek Aramov aka Krov, a Strelets OG Current supporting characters: - Erru Natake, a FBI agent (she and her parents belong to Elli aka Rukia Kurosaki, not mine) - Henryk Małecki, a Polish gunrunner. - Anna Fannie, a FBI agent who investigates drug smuggling ring scandal. - Rody 'Adohalv' Acterian, a Cardian Height high rank. - Plotmir Gorbunov, An 87th (aka Krasnaya Metka) OGs. Chapters (WIP) (Names will be changed, except for the completed chapters): - 1. Lord of War - 2. Red-haired Angel - 3. The Purple Harbinger
  4. So, I contributed a picture of one of the characters which appeared in "The Tense Tea Party" episode, but I think I might have made a mistake. After I uploaded the file, the picture didn't appear on the wiki page, and I noticed that I don't have any page links added to the photo under File Usage. Is there any way I can fix this problem?
  5. When you first found out about Detective Conan and first started watching the Anime and/or reading Manga, what were your first thoughts about it? I always thought that the show was about a little kid who was a detective. And literally just thought that. I didn't think he was actually a highschooler stuck in a kid's body until I first watched the anime. But before that I saw an opening of Detective Conan by stumbling upon it while looking up songs from one of my favorite J-Rock bands, Breakerz. At first I thought "So, wait. When he takes off his glasses, he becomes an adult?" lol. But then I started to watch it, and soon, everything started to fall into place. Oh yeah, and I always thought that Kaito Kid was just Shinichi in disguise. Until I saw episode 76, then everything started to make sense.
  6. Maltavite

    The Runner

    This is a crossover between Far Cry 2 and Detective Conan. Same as 'Syndicate, Gangster and Angel', this is the summary, the fanfic will follow. Note: - The Black Organization are the good guys in this crossover fanfic (only for one of the main characters, they're bad guys for the other characters. Same with Syndicate, Gangster and Angel) - The Story takes place after the events of Far Cry 2 - There's several fictional cities and island in this fanfic. - This fanfic's conversation has several languages. Translation are included - The Jackal are survived the events in FC2, some of the mercenaries are survived too (but not all of them) - The plots are unique and complex - Since the war-torn country has no name in Far Cry 2, I'll call the country as UAC (Unnamed African Country.) - In this fanfic, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 are related (I may be included the Far Cry 4 as one of the supporting characters has visited Pala, a city in FC2) as the diamonds being smuggled by Vaas' pirate from from Lebowa - Sako Current Main characters: - The Jackal, a gun runner Chapters (WIP) (Names will be changed, except for the completed chapters): - 1. Numb (WIP) - 2. The Humanist (Planned)
  7. heyyo all of you guys! i'm a big fans of Ai Haibara! i love another character in DC like Shinichi Kudo, Suichi Akai, Kaitou Kid and etc. but you know,i have interested with Ai Haibara since 10 years ago. Haibara looks Misterious, beautiful, tomboy, etc. can you share here about your fav. character in DC? or another topic? actually, i like sharing everything yoooo
  8. Like everyone else here, I'll be sharing some of my art of Detective Conan. Most of my drawings of Conan are usually just copies for my personal collection. These are usually just for practice. They aren't traced though. First up, we have a simple drawing of Conan Edogawa. I'm actually quite proud of how this one came out, since I usually tend to draw a bit small, or off place. This second one came out a little... off place. It's okay, though. And here are my original free hand drawings of Conan. They're nothing much, really, but I'm glad I was satisfied with them. Try to ignore the backwards hand on this one. This is an old scan and I didn't bother to scan it again for one error, even though I fixed it. And just for kicks, I decided to make this, since it randomly came to mind. If there's any problems, or tips, then feel free to post them here. *This is pretty much my frist time using links and such on this site, so I'm kinda new to adding tags and hiding pictures.*
  9. Hello guys, in this topic thingy, you can post your own versions of a TV/Manga episode as well as alternate storyboards for any of the 17 released films(18 if you include Lupin III vs Detective Conan). If you think that some Detective Conan films/episodes were bad, then you may upload how you want it to have ended/happened. Also, please put in the episode number/chapter number/film number of what you're changing. Many thanks KoreanDetectiveConanFan.
  10. Jethack Piperr


    So, I just read the new chapter of DC. They mentioned a new B.O. character under the nickname "RUM" Haibara mentioned something about the guy's artificial eye. Who do you think it is?
  11. Hello. Um, I'm not sure if there's a specific thread that's similar to this one, I tried looking but soo far, I found none. Hope this thread/question isn't a duplicate. Anyways, I'm trying to find some Detective Conan sheet music for Piano/Keyboarding class for beginners. My instructor said that I could play any kind of music on my piano as long as it's possible for a beginner to play. So um, is there any? I'm mostly looking for the Main theme (But that seems really hard. D:), Mune no Doki Doki (I saw someone play it on youtube, but I couldn't find any sheet music for it.) and Secret of my heart. If there are possible sheets for beginners out there that I'm not aware of, then please let me know. And if there's not, then any other songs that I might be capable of playing? Thanks!
  12. Hey hey, please look at the attached image and tell me that I'm not the only one finding it really odd. I mean the drawings aren't very well done at all. And I'm confused. Some of the digital animation looks better to me, other times I find myself irritated by the seemingly bad art. What do you think? By the way, I know that the first seasons of the series, back in their analog times, didn't have good drawings either, but at some point they got it right. But now with the digitalized versions I'm not so sure anymore.
  13. So this piece was based on if the antidote for the APTX 4869 worked giving conan his actual body back but his mind was corrupted due to another side effect, making his sadistic side tide over him. So now he is like a genius serial killer/assassin working for the black organization. Lets hope that never happens. This is my first time applying hand drawn art into digital so its kinda amateur so yeah Btw the artstyle is different it has a more shojo aproach just saying This one is ran a shinichi as elementary school kids. The class pet(the rabbit) wen missing so shinichi and ran volunteer to look for it. Shinichi tried to deduce where the rabbit was but in the end Ran found it before him. So shinichi is annoyed and pissed off. angel ran chan(i got the pose from sailor moon sailor stars)
  14. So I have a play set in medieval times where a crime occurs. The killer is the king's uncle, the victim is the king's maid, and the detective who deciphers the clues is a knight. Now, due to the killer's high status, the knight needs absolute proof that the crime was committed by him. I need a subtle way for the advisor to have committed the crime and a way for the knight to find out that he was the killer. ...plus, the victim was stabbed. Any ideas?
  15. I was just wondering, is there a term for "Detective Conan Fans"? I mean, Harry Potter fans are called "Potterheads", and Sailor Moon fans are called "Moonatics", but I couldn't really find a name for Detective Conan fans. My friend calls just calls us "Detective Conan fans", but that sounds kinda boring. So, What do you guys think?
  16. Just finished my new AMV I called it «Sail Away» and it’s based on seventeenth movie in Meitantei CONAN series: Private Eye in the Distant Sea, which is one of my favorite movies. There’s a lot of interesting things in this movie, but I wanted to make this AMV all about Conan-kun and Ran-san. I tried to make it like some sort of conversation without words between them and, at the same time, like a proper story. Also, I wanted to make it as dramatic and touching as possible. Still, I’ve included a happy ending and I think it was a right thing to do. Even though I wanted it to be dark and depressive, without a ray of light it won’t be a proper Meitantei CONAN AMV. So, here we are. A story about Ran-san, Shinichi-kun and their loving hearts. Watch it on DailyMotion. If you need download links, check out my TUMBLR blog.
  17. Hi friends! I guess the easiest thing we all have in common is that we're all Meitantei Conan fans. I love Kudo, Ran and Heiji. My favorite episodes are Kogoro Mori, Suspect and the Desperate Revival arc. I also like lots of other anime and manga (I collect both manga and anime for Conan), from Katekyo Hitman Reborn to Cowboy Bebop, I love Japanese idol groups like Johnny's, H!P and AKB48, groups like Yuzu, EXILE, Mr Children, Breakerz, Golden Bomber, World Order..artists like Fukuyama Masaharu, Namie, TMR, errr, too many artists and groups to name in Japanese pop and rock and Mandopop. I'm a fan of Japanese dramas and Taiwanese dramas, I do also watch some K-dramas. Umm, what else? I live in the USA. Glad to meet you all!
  18. Please like the FB Page (unofficial) of Detective Conan https://www.facebook.com/pages/Detective-Conan-Fanpage/461100743959851#
  19. So, I am trying my best to get to know the forums now I am reading each guide in the section. I wanted to share my art with you guys too, but yesterday I was scared at first, but I had a chance to have a nice welcome to many. ^^ So then I decided today, why not make a art thread to share your artwork with others? My work is used in GIMP, Paint Tool Sai, MS Paint, and Paint.Net with a mouse and laptop. No tablet or anything else [Though my mom's buying me one on my birthday.] But still, I am talented like many other people. So I'll share mine with all of you. I hope you enjoy it. ^^ 1.) Vermouth Vs. Autumn Yeah. This is one heck of a enormous file, you say. Speaking of gigantic images, this one took me 2 and a half days to do it last year on the last month of 2012. I tried very hard to do Vermouth's lip, but I went all "UGH" because I hate doing people with lipsticks. I mean, I drew my OC Autumn [Give me a message if you want to learn more about her. BTW, she's a girl.] very well, but doing Vermouth was a huge disappointment. I feel sorry for doing this. The mind I have doesn't seem to make things come to life that well. ^^; 2.) ChrysalShin I drew this on paper when I got bored on a Saturday night. I was kinda laughing because I never shipped a human with a pony. Not even once, but little did I know my friends from DeviantArt would be shipping it, too. 3.) Shinichi 'Jimmison Brodson' Kudou I also drew this by accident. I was inspired by a My Little Pony fanfic called Cupcakes, which I would not let you read because it can give you the chills in your sleep. After I was finished reading the fanfic [And watching the episode of MLP called Party of One.], I wanted to draw the 'Pinkamena' version of Shinichi Kudo, which I used to think it was good.... But now I trying to remake this... While school work is in my way. I have tons of more art. I can share more if you like. ^^
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