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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! \o/ *hugs*

  2. Hehe ^^

    Well, I'm not so active in posting here. I do in some threads, but not everywhere I guess? :V


    Why the caps? XD


  4. Do you mean the name Onigiri or Kleene Onigiri?

    Because I like rice and Onigiris are nice XD

    And Kleene means "small one" in german (tho it's in slang). So it means "Small Riceball" :)

    Why do you wanna know? XD

  5. I'm fine! Enjoying my holidays. Tho I have to go back to studying again :/

    How about you? \o/

  6. Oh well, happens D: I'm lazy too XD

    Haha :D Would be good if someone else could study for you XD

  7. Dear Stalker,

    Just kidding ;D

    About me? I'm a moldy riceball that tries to become a teacher and has to study a lot now ;_; The riceball isn't so amused about that XD The students should study, not the teacher! Right? ;)

    Oh well XD

    And you? :)

  8. Omg, that name! I already love you <3

    Hi! XD

  9. So you don't love salsa music? But Gin will kill you for that! D:

  10. So, you love salsa music? XD

  11. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! <3

    *is late at replying" x:

  12. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! <3 (yeah, I'm late at responding ^^")

  13. Aww man. I'm totally late, but thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! <3

  14. DA BUSHMAN! I mean, stalker-kun! \o/

  15. D:

    Should I hit you on the head so you fall asleep? XD

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