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  1. A succesful relationship requires falling in love many times-- with the same person

    1. redangelran


      (Grand Central, 2012) XD

  2. akemashite omedetto! (happy new year) <3

  3. whooops! just visiting for a while. *sighs

    1. redangelran


      too bad I can't stay for long D:

  4. May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

  5. May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

  6. who among you guys know a site where i can find/search cute DC pics? even japanese/other languages will do...thanks a lot! (and what ws the official site of dc where you can see wallpapers? i forgot XD)

    1. redangelran


      thanks guys. @blue sky adn MKK: kasi nagsawa na ko sa google LOLs.

      @phantomlady: thankies!!

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  7. Am back again! :3

    1. redangelran


      It's night here. Tomorrow, I'll be shopping for gifts! :D

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  8. last day of classes to-day= freedom to post!! hohoho <3 it~

    1. redangelran


      everyone needs to be freed~!! *frees phanomlady :D

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  9. been staying for a while here but I still am not receiving lots of reputations *sighs...T^T gotta work harder..

  10. ‎2 out of every 5 girls' statuses (every now n then) reads like: awwww!!!♥ ♥ today had loaadsss of fun with nisha,isha, misha & gusha ♥♥...also stay at dundu's house wass awesumm...thnk u shoo muchh dundu :))) u r shoo shweet !! cant frget u guyyysss...:D :D and tuttuu ...will missh u shoo muchh :(( :(( ...hugss.(other blah blahs) ♥♥ !!...mwahh mwaahhhhh..:D which is followed by (God knows for what) 35 likes and 142 comments...-_-..Via Facebook...

  11. Hoho...got 2 DC manga japanese original! good ight everyone!

  12. Can't wait to c new detective conan movie

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