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  1. Hello holmesfreak, if its okay to ask this but from where exactly are you in Davao? :D

    1. holmesfreak1412


      I'm from Landmark. Why? XD. You from Davao too? XD

  2. No wonder I find your "Interests" strange. Kudos! :)

  3. no way, just blow some clouds and enjoy!

  4. Thank you, Aka-chan! \o/

  5. Thank you! Come at me death! trololo

  6. I'm telling you about my back? :o My back is okay as usual haha jk yep :D \o/

  7. Belated happy birthday the way. God bless and more to come! ^^

  8. ah that's right. ^^ Still okay as usual :) I'm not always active here anymore but in the fbgroup, well I'm always there.You can join if you wanted to. :) and thank you for asking.

  9. yea yea :| haha ^^

    I just don't feel logging in here. ^^

  10. uhm hello? :D haha hello there! ^^ It's been a long time. :)

  11. oh MK \o gotta go eat though...

  12. haha, can't be helped.Who's erza? O.o

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