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  1. Its gaurded by watchmen :P

  2. xD

    Whats for christmas for you this time? :D

  3. I know :(

    But i guess even the players need to celebrate :o

  4. 1 boy against 500+ people..not happening :\

  5. Then? how did you conclude me to sound like an american? :P

  6. umm, they are having some kind of party...not a christmas party.. :o

  7. When did you hear my voice? :P

  8. Everytime I close my eyes...i see nothing :P

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    2. hopes


      I see... Colors.

    3. Wildheart888


      Nothing which is something. xP

    4. MKudo


      this is not true i'd say ... anyone closes his eyes he'll see circles and lines that are a result of the pressure of the eyelid on the vessels ... :):P :P :P probably the colors mentioned above by akako

  9. Very incorrect..i am an Indian living in India..

  10. They are playing a HUGE noise in our colony..i cannot stand it!

  11. No wish really, i do not celebrate christmas 0.o

  12. I am exceptionally ordinary as usual :P

  13. Umm..quite normally really, she asked me to add her on fb, then Viola! We became friends on fb,

  14. Might be, but dont worry, i am not sinister in nature ;)

    As to how i found you out,

    1)Nikko's last comment on your latest status

    2)I am a friend of Dorothy's too. So it wont be long till you find me too ;)

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