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  1. 3 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:




    Keep in mind, I'll probably update that post with new ideas.



    Right—let's see...


    Maybe Shinichi/Conan and Shiho/Ai have an agreement—maybe she's agreed to tell him a certain thing or two about the BO (and he insisted she not tell him the obvious that he could've deduced—rather, he's looking for specific points of information he can actually act upon, if not in a manner befitting Reunion with the Black Organization (238–242/176–178) or Contact with the Black Organization (380–383/309–311), then in close range. In return, Shiho/Ai will either want in on his action (like in Reunion), perhaps because because she'll tell him about info relating to APTX, or she'll want him to have a cool down period of not going after the BO, after the action is over, and will punish him by lengthening his wait for info should he get too zealous, for her taste.


    Alternatively, Shinichi/Conan and Shiho/Ai could have a bi-weekly or monthly competition—it can be about anything (including masquerading as a school project, even), and the winner will get what they want, in terms of getting and using information to take action against the BO. So, naturally, Shinichi/Conan will want to do just that, should he win. Should Shiho/Ai win, however, he has to back off, and tell her about all the things he did behind her back (especially given his lack of communication with her, post-Kir arc, and especially post-Mystery Train (post-818–824/701–704)).


    Of course, either Shiho/Ai will not know who the Boss/Anokata is... or how about this? Maybe she has some idea—some stories to tell—that Shinichi/Conan can then deduce the Boss'/Anokata's identity from... and like with what she told him about Rum, it may not be enough info to figure out who they are, on its own... but it would be more for him (and us) to go on than ever before.

    sure, great ideas are appreciated

    well, in this case left out


    subtle but efficient 

    and the problem is communication and trust

    i mean have they not proven themselves to each other by now 

    im sure she is holding a lot of stories for herself

    they could be like nothing to do with them, could be a spark that triggers a lot of thing


    this is good stuff



  2. I guess he is still cleansing him self from the OKC plays they drew for him.

    He will be better once the playoffs start


    Im for not trading any of the players except Mozgov, deng, mo, nick

    i would love if we kept the young ones


    maybe while JR is out

    the thing is JR plays a lot, who knows how they will work efficiently when having to share minutes 

  3. Its fine. They are a great team and will figure something out at the end of the season. But Green was right, Steph and KD should play more pick and pops/roll/go/oops.

    At this point i think the ball should be in KDs hands, just so that he can make something that will break the blockade in his head. But Steph has to play better too, not just score.


    Im happy and angry with the lakers. Ok they are still a work in progress but at this point you gots to play some D better


    Bucks need more depth then this

    Parker and Giannis aint enough


    So im wondering what the cavs will be like now

    will JR fit in with Korver


  4. 5 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Another way would be to tackle all the things from each arc simultaneously—for example, have characters introduced in the Rum arc introduced in the Intro/Conan arc, and have multiple major mysteries running parallel to each other (and these are suggestions I can think of, at the moment):

    • Do what Episode One did, in terms of introducing certain characters (i.e., Hidemi/Rena/Kir, Chianti and Korn)—and I say certain characters because you have to be careful with spoilers.
      • To speak on spoilers for a moment—if characters from, say, the Kir arc and the Bourbon arc are introduced as early as the first 175 Files/128 Episodes, then you can't do what Episode One did (i.e., show Bourbon's face, or clearly reveal that Vermouth is not Jodie, and that Jodie and Shuichi are both FBI, like in that scene at the end). 
    • Introduce the other Tokyo MPD characters earlier
    • Introduce Tomoaki earlier
    • Introduce Heiji earlier, and have Kazuha appear with him
    • Have the who is Vermouth (Jodie or Tomoaki) plot going on while Eisuke is present
    • Have the Boss' phone number plot going on alongside the Koji Haneda plot

    One could also take plot/character development elements from one case and combine them with another case (again, these are suggestions I can think of, at the moment):

    • Have Hidemi/Rena/Kir be directly involved the TV Station Murder Case (102–104/31), and have that be a setup for Black Impact and reveal some of the information that will come during the Kir arc portion of events.
    • Having the events of 341–343/277–278, with Jodie, Heiji and Shinichi/Conan lead right into the events of 361–365/291–293.
    • Having Shinichi's/Conan's observations about Mary and Shiho/Ai from both 939–941/843–844 and 942–944/847–848 be in either 928–930/827–828 or 951–953.


    Like the Whereabouts of the Dark Photograph case in the Kir arc (582–584/484–485), right?


    I'm sure she knows a heck of a lot about the BO, but is holding back because she thinks Shinichi/Conan will take it and get himself killed—she doesn't think her knowledge, alone, would be enough to bring him down.

    Man those are some great ideas, i never gave it that much thought.

    I also love he multiple arcs crossed into one

    Really really great ideas


    Yes, just like the dark photograph. That one is my third top investigation regarding any info on the BO. 

    Right behind The Chris/Vermouth one and contact with the BO.


    I get that, but this is fiction and the writer, clever as he is, can come up with something to protect him just in case.

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