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  1. this is my speculation, but, when healthy

    embiid is better then harden, westbrook, PG, melo, CP3, blake

    maybe top 15 players in the league

    i know i speak way out of line

    but to be 7-1 and shoot it from 3 5 8 10 15 18 23...anywhere

    back to the basket, dream shakes, rebounds, blocks, hooks

    soooo good


    i dont know if boogie is staying

    they gave too much to holiday and davis

    to give him  is too much

    they should want to to get some good role players  then just one potentially lost superstar 



    if hey face gsw they will get pumled

    they are the total opposite and worse shooting team

    so far 

    a healthy spurs team is the only chalange


    the celtics play nice but they cant keep up with them

    we know steph and klay wont be like that if the meet


    here is hope that everyones health is super great for the playoffs

  2. embiid might go down as the best skilled C with that mid range shot and 3pt shot


    i think rand can be a good player to back you up


    boston keeps on winning, im amazed as to ho great they are


    thats why trade boogie now, best to build around AD

  3. shame too, he looks ready nnow 

    im thinking that he will be great once he leaves, might trade him for boogie

    give deng too and some picks


    seems like the cavs D still sucks

    just barely beating teams

    washington seems to have found their groove

    and im not sold on the pelicans jet

    shame what happened to gobert, it almost looked like he broke it



  4. man, the cavs barely fend of the mavs

    their D will cost them


    But that guy in cicago, lauri markkenen, man

    can he play


    irving wont play the next game

    now these things are a big deal


  5. he is still a good rebounder and defender

    that more than we can get for deng


    cavs are so strange, like how can you loose these types of games


    i like that DLo is doing well

    god knows the lakers wanted him to do all sorts of things at once


    lets say OKC flops 


    do you think PG stays


    spurs might be in truble


    if houston has this good of a record at the end 55 wins

    harden for MVP


    boston playing splendid 

    ni irving, no problem

    i know simmons is considered for ROY

    but tatum plays like a vet



  6. the buyout is not cheep, that why i suggest a Russian rulet type of luck with noah


    now the lakers might loose randel, which is a shame cause he plays good this season


    the cavs suck  

    lost to houston whos best players shot bad and has or the had 3 players in rotation for the game and thats just to rest the starters a bit


    okc needs to fire donovan and find someone else


  7. finally 

    ingram  is playing like he should

    but i do hate that ball is shooting all those 3s

    he cant hit anything

    best to set some guys up instead of shooting 

    man the cavs look bad


  8. how are the gonna win if he is restricted


    well, injuries or not

    i dont like his game

    could be wrong


    ball is lucky

    great playmaking skills but is lucky as hell


    boston is amazing, their couch is great

    i hope he, like pop, exposes the cavs weekness 



  9. Porzingis is a bigger and nimbler version of Dirk, and dirk was great in his day


    The only reason they will get to the finals is because no east team is constructed like the best of the west, so its easy for him to take them over with little help

    if by some chance gsw and cavs play in the finals, the gsw will score on them with ease

    steph would just score on IT all game long

    and im not sure that IT would be able to hit back because its a different team then boston

    also i wish he would play for the money and not ring

    you see guys like JR getting green, while having a PER of  -0.1

    that is apsurd, -0.1

    Rose has been playing well but sucks on D



    simmons looks like magic, hovering over everyone

    embiid kinda has a reserved role this season but i guess that cause more players are back

    fultz sucks, i dont want to say this

    but he might be one of their high bust picks



    kuzma continues to impress

    hope he gets to start

    a lot is writing for ingram thi season

    ball can pas and grab but he cant score

    thats a shame 


    giannis is so long and athletic

    he walks in the paint and lays it in


    boston will fight till the end but wont do much


    orlando has become a good team

  10. 8 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    We've been waiting for this since the latter was introduced in October 2013... still no dice. First, the meeting got thwarted by Ran and Sonoko (File 903–File 905/Episode 787–Episode 788), and then Mary tells Masumi to "keep [her] guard up around... Conan Edogawa" (File 951–File 953/Episode 863–Episode 864). We can only hope Shinichi's appearance due to the APTX antidote and his interaction with Masumi will, sooner than later, lead somewhere.


    Just like Gosho has Shiho/Ai keep a lot of her BO knowledge to herself, he keeps Shinichi/Conan from meeting Mary—it means that Gosho doesn't want Shinichi/Conan, and, thus, we the audience, to know what Mary knows. Hopefully, with the developments of last year (Koji Haneda, Tsutomu Akai), it means we're gonna getting somewhere soon (well, soon in terms of how Gosho currently (currently as in 2003–present, and especially 2007–present) paces things).

    it may 

    and 100 chapters later to a resolution to what happens here 


  11. 6 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Sure, Vermouth could try to kill her in secret, like the first time, and the only difference would be that the rest of the BO believed that Shiho/Sherry was alive the first time, and that the didn't believe so the third time. But I think this is the safest Shiho/Ai has felt in her life—which is quite something compared to how she must've felt, at the beginning—and this'll be the case until Vermouth actually tries again. She broke her promise to Shinichi/Conan once... without the excuse of Bourbon's involvement, and with the BO not looking for her, though, part of me wonders, if she is going to try again, what's she going to do differently that will bring about success?

    i agree with this


    did sera introduce conan to her mother these days 

  12. 58 minutes ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    That would be a B.



    So would Red Shirts also be a B (8 out of 10)?


    Is the Post Mystery Train part of the Bourbon arc (File 825–File 898/Episode 705–Episode 783) what brought the Bourbon arc down to a D for you? Would the Bourbon arc have been a C without it?



    That's been the case long before Mystery Train—it's been the case since she turned down the FBI's offer to go into witness protection (File 435–File 437/Episode 346–Episode 347). She may not be going anywhere, and Vermouth may know the truth about her "death," but my point is that the rest of the BO does not know.

    I guess its an 8.5, maybe a 9

    I cant be sure


    yes, i think you summed it up well with that line


    thats true

    i was alluding to  her safety


  13. 6 minutes ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    So was Mystery Train a B or a C, then? And what about Red Shirts?


    Well, she's known for nearly 200 files/over 5 years, and hasn't made a move. If she's going to try again, what's going to be different in her third attempt at doing so? If nothing else, this has been a period where the BO no longer considers Shiho/Ai a threat to their secrecy. Shiho/Ai has always been either a part of the BO's system, or was sought after by all of them—this is the first time that neither one of these is true.

    i gave at that time the train case an 8/10

    what grade that is you can tell me, since i dont know

    as for the red shirts

    i thought

    how could any BO case after the  clash even live up 

    red shirts was a nice continuation to it if you will

    like a end to and end, if that makes sense 


    im saying that she will hunt her but it wont make anything different

    Ai is going nowhere

  14. 6 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    So, for instance, while Black Impact and Clash of Red and Black felt like Team Shinichi/Conan Vs the BO, Mystery Train and Scarlet Showdown just felt like Team Shinichi/Conan Vs Bourbon (a NOC) and Vermouth (a disloyal member, when it comes to Shinichi/Conan and Ran)? And then there's the length and repetition.


    Though I will say that Mystery Train created the new status quo of the BO thinking Shiho/Sherry is dead—upsetting the old status quo that had been a thing for over 600 files/just under 15 years—and that new status quo has held steady for nearly 200 files/over 5 years.

    I think  BO cases  started to go downhill from there 

    my favorite cases are the ones that take place on a train, with the addition of the BO you would think i would have a blast

    it was good, bit my expectations were so high that it didnt meet them

    while red T-shirts case was surprisingly better then i thought it would be ( when i broke it down )


    but doest Vermouth know she is alive

    and if she knows, to me it makes no difference 

    she will hunt her

  15. 6 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Think nothing of it. ^_^ It can be pretty quiet on here—compared to DCTP, at least.



    And it didn't narrowly win out 1st place—it won by a wide margin.


    Seems they have different priorities and interests—they really seem to be into Shuichi and Rei/Toru/Bourbon, Heiji and Kazuha, and Shinichi and Ran. And they seem to want DC to keep on going, where many on here think that the fact that it's gone on this long is only to DC's detriment.


    They put Moonlight Sonata on there, as well as the Matsuda Serial Bomber case, the Mermaid case, Golden Apple and Desperate Revival. They seem to value those particular classics, at least.



    What are your grades for the other arcs (including the Rum arc, so far)?

    i would love it if their priorities changed 

    however i do think those oldies e are great cases



    ill go with this ( including anime too)

    i think that from start till up until the end of vermouth arc things were looking great, minor AO problems

    things after that started to loose steam

    while Kirs arc was good without the AOs, but having them there really ruined it for me

    i still like it but its less to enjoy

    and then bourbon started off nicely but became a drag and the reveals were so meh, the AOs were bad

    its the same for RUM but just a bit better then bourbon, also the AOs were bad

    now its just recycled plots for everyone with a few things polished


    everything till Vermouth A

    cell phone B

    ill give Kirr without the AOs A with them B-

    Bourbon D

    Rum C

  16. 9 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    On here? Sure. In Japan? Here's a pretty recent Shonen Sunday poll about the best DC cases (https://www.facebook.com/DCTheRedThread/posts/1549149298470351):


    1. Scarlet Return - Vol.85 File 894-898 (8489 votes)
    2. Mermaid's Curse - Vol.28 File 279-283 (5835 votes)
    3. Moonlight Sonata - Vol.07 File 62-67 (5742 votes)
    4. Holmes' Book of Revelation (London Arc) - Vol.71-72 File 743-752 
    5. Trembling Metropolitan Police HQ - Vol.36-37 File 369-373
    6. Memories of the Sakura gumi (Shinichi and Ran's first meeting case) - Vol.87 - File 921-924
    7. Ebisu bridge - Vol.83 - File 879-881
    8. Golden Apple (Kudo Shinichi's NY case) - Vol.34+35 - File 350-354
    9. Mystery Train - Vol.78 - File 818-824
    10. Desperate Revival - Vol.26 - File 252-257


    If so, then for the 2007–present period, more than anything else. I guess it depends on just what grade you give the Bourbon arc (whether you give it a C or an F).

    i know everyone has their opinion and i respect that

    but i just cant see how scarlet return ended up being first

    no red vs black

    no 20 year old symhony

    no mountain villa

    no osaka tiger and dragon

    i do have a list of mine somewhere here on what the best i found but i cant remember where i posted it 

    if you want my grade on the bourbon arc ill go with D


    it seems the rest of the world contradicts these lists taken by the japanese fans

    i personally and a lot of others disagreed with the top 100 anime that came out a while back


    thanks for reviving the forums a bit




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