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  1. they will regress

    if history has shown anything its that cp3 will get hurt and everything will fall on harden and he has no team  when that happens

    capela is overrated

    he is like tristan thompson

    ariza had nothing to prove he is a champion

    any laker fan who watched him knows how good he is

  2. cp3 is at least in thhe playoffs

    everyone has a bad game now and then

    but can blake or jordan pick him up that one game


    i guess cousins realized how great KD has it 

  3. ofc he wants to win now

    he is a the greatest superstar loser in the nba

    no joke

    if they win and he plays his part it will calm his soul  down

    he will get the max

    i know he would 


  4. there was talk that no one wanted him

    so he called the gsw

    all in all

    i think this is just a rehab move

    nothing more

    dwight was never an option for LA

    who ever said that was seeking attention 

  5. i was so surprised that that boogie went there

    i thought dwight was most likely to go  there

    i think he took so many loses that he had to do this

    davis will demand a trade after 2018/2019 season or leave free


  6. i wish  steph would have won FMVP

    not because i dont think he is great, to me he is in the top 20 but because of the haters

    but kudos to the gsw for dealing with all those injuries and still wining 

    i got to give props to livingston for playing his smartes basketball yet

    mcgee was good

    basically their bench did their part this season

    if they stay healthy

    forget the rockets

  7. houston is too flawed

    too many 3s and if they are not going in they still shootin them

    harden is not what you want as the focal point

    forget analitycs for a time

    short bench

    ryan anderson

    cp3 is injured often and in intense series could go down

    the pace is not suited to their players, if it were they wouldnt be this tired

  8. last night was horrible

    d antony basically lost from the beginning since he decided to run the first team to the ground with all those minutes

    i doubt cp3 will be of any use to them

    we all know how hamstrings work

    kerr should put steph on him and speed him over


    i know

    gonna be a great game 7 

    cant wait

    bron gonna go for 60

    shame he gonna play all 48 

  9. hamstrings are a tricky thing

    and he doesnt even have the height

    he relies on being fast

    iggy might come back


    indi made too many mistakes that lebron took care of

    thats all


  10. yeah, everyone freaking out cause the gsw didnt adapt and had a bad night

    but they hav till sunday to figure things out, change a few things

    if you ask me, i would put mcgee

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