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  1. Just now, Ryo said:

    @Balthazar Manfredie how you feel about the potential AD trade?

    hey man

    long time no see

    kinda neglected the site

    i see it as the pelicans will trade him cause they have no choice 

    but they hate lebron and rich for how the, what i assume, whispered in to AD

    they do not want to help him out

    so i think they will wait for boston

    to see which pick lands where

    and send brown, and god knows who else

    then will resign kyrie

    lebron will push for boogie then but

    boogie will not want to play with him 

    instead he will look for better options if he has none then he will

    others will go rather to the clippers rather than lakers

    gsw have to pay klay if they want to keep kd


  2. 6 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Yep, and this is why I've been saying we've never been closer to the end of DC.


    But with his health issues, the tradeoff for that ever increasing closeness to the end is that the amount of Files & Cases we get per year are way down from the usual of years past.

    yeah i noticed that

    i was like could there only have been this much files since my absence

    hope he stops with filler and just gets down to the point


  3. 4 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Alright, but this reveal is a pretty big deal—I advise you read 1,008 for yourself, first, but if you want to skip that, here it is:


    It was revealed in the last few pages of 1,008 that...


      Hide contents

    Renya Karasuma is the BO boss/Anokata (and Gosho confirmed this in an interview that came out when 1,008 came out, and then confirmed it again in another interview, which actually came out just yesterday).


    After all, when it came to discussions about the boss, Chek really didn't care for Karasuma being brought up... but now it turns out he is the boss, after all—I just wonder if that was the straw that broke the camel's back for her, in terms of going to the forums and discussing DC theories.


    oh cool

    so after all the garbage he has shown up

    i must return to DC

    we used to discus about him back in the day as the boss 

    the end will come in 2 years

  4. 17 hours ago, Kjeldahl said:


    I found severe debilitating mental trauma on DCW and I hope the forum continues to strip away my soul slowly but regularly till nothing more than a shell of my former self remains.

    Also you can eat Cup noodles for breakfast.


    OMM:  Please end Boruto. Please.




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