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  1. 34 minutes ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    Implying they're going to play a big role in Episode One?


    Considering the focus on everything else, I can't see them playing a bigger role than they did in Episode 1 of the anime.

    i thought he meant DB in the next upcoming AOs

    not episode 1


  2. i love that despite such an atrocious night from many of the star players that they were able to score 99

    i still dont like what im seeing from the wolves

    yes, he had a big game but the lakers were bad 

    steph and klay looking great again

  3. i do love, not just the animation design for dbz, but in general animation design back then

    today its too much flash aand too much HD that hurts my eyes

    on my plasma flat screen the old ones look amazing, but give me these new age ones and they are too much for my eyes


    its not an original design, but regardless of that he sucks

    cause if you remember the spectacular spider man, what did we say about it when we started watching it and what we said after it finished


    they will, its a huge franchise for any f them to pass on


  4. well, it has improved but its not what i want

    the character design, granted DB/Z had some kookoos as well, but they were subtle in their appearance 

    my god, the omni king is so lame like you wouldnt believe

    and this guy zamasus rant about mortals in the middle  of a fight s so tiresome

    maybe the dub was delayed cause they were figuring out the music they were gonna use


  5. i think come playoff time he will

    he is  talented, from what i have seen 


    they should have kept bogut somehow

    but what you gonna do


    i have to say that the only great player on the wolves is KAT

    wiggins and lavine are just athletic and shooters

    they will get a great pick based of of history and they should search for a  PG that cn defend and can play like CP3

    they dont need anymore bigs and guards 

  6. I still think he will need others to step a bit in the playoffs

    Ofc im calculating that he will play like this when they get there


    I only think that bogut was a mistake

    But his contract was big

    Ezeli was bad 

    Im kinda disapointed in mcgee

    He has the athletic ability to play with them and he us same old shaqtin player

    And zaza...didnt he have 11reb per game last year

    Whats up with that


    What i like about the lakers is that they are deep

    No one is playing over 30

    And everyone scores 

    Ingram with years is going to be our laker KD

    So the future is bright

    Twolves have not been good

  7. No

    The fighting is still lame if you want to compare

    But fo real

    Uf you want mortals dead then wish for it

    The idea of switching body with a goku from some universe is...whaaa

    Everyting is a ripoff but done bad

    Also too many hair colors

    But its great to see vegitto back

  8. Loving the fact that demar has been living up to his contract and that the raptors are doing great

    Memphis overpayed someone just  a bit

    Westbrook wont avg a triple double for an entire season

    Gsw have a rebounding problem

    Clippers the usual

    How about them luke walton lakers

    And the losess gave been the kind of that were from those with not a lot of exp


  9. I have ben ffwing it

    You are right that it still looks dumb and dumbed down

    With certain characters out of character and power lvls making no sense anymore

    Its like dont train blow your mind

    I will give the dub a chance

    Might be different taaste in my head

  10. 8 hours ago, AnimeOtakuDrew said:

    I'm really looking forward to the multi-crossover later this month. A four episode story starting on Supergirl, continuing through The Flash and Arrow, and concluding on Legends of Tomorrow. That is going to be awesome! And with Vampire Diaries ending after this season, I truly hope CW will pick up one more DC show for Friday to round out the week. 

    Yes! This!

    I actually think I disagree. Berlanti has repeatedly done things that should have been impossible on a TV budget in all four series. I really believe that Berlanti could not just pull off a Green Lantern series, but make it absolutely AWESOME! It would be everything we hoped the movie would be. Start with Hal Jordan, of course, and introduce the other Lanterns along the way, covering all the major plot points (Sinestro Corp and the other colored lanterns, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, etc.). It would also give them the opportunity to do more with the Justice Society and introduce the old Green Lantern. If Berlanti doesn't want to do a Lantern series, the next best thing would be a series of Justice Society itself.


    The other thing I think the CW DC shows need is the Big Three. Not as main chatacters, mind you. I mean like how Superman has been introduced on Supergirl. We need the other two in a similar capacity. I envision Bruce Wayne being introduced on Arrow, probably as a philanthropist helping with funds to rebuild Star City after some major conflict. He would then stick around for a few episodes, during which, rumors of a new caped vigilante would start spreading through the city, culminating in the Green Arrow and Batman meeting and working together to eliminate some threat and Batman saying that he must return to protect his own city, leaving some means to contact him in the event of another crisis the Green Arrow and his team can't handle by themselves. An extremely dark Batman would be perfect for this as Oliver has been struggling with his own darkness and that would let him see that he is not alone and that the darkness within can be overcome or used to his advantage. As for Wonder Woman, I imagine her best introduction to the Arrowverse would probably be on The Flash. I'm not sure how to work her alter ego into it, but I think, with her powers, it would be the best fit (unless Berlanti does decide to do a Green Lantern series, in which case I think introducing her on there would be better).


    I also love the idea of a Crisis on Infinite Earth's film. That would let DC bring the separate film and TV universes together for a grand battle. In addition to the current film and TV franchises, they could also bring back Tom Welling's Superman, and/or Dean Cain's, Michael Keaton as an older Batman (maybe a Batman Beyond type universe), and so many others! It would have to be at least two or three films, but it would be amazing!


    Those are the things I hope to see forthcoming for CW's DCTV. What do you guys think?

    Sorry bro

    But GL wont be making it to the tv screens anytime soon

    You can see that they dont have money to pull it of

    The more superhetos the bigger the cost

    Have you ever noticed in flas how many of those runing squences are reused 

    Why they do those monster metas like 2 per season

    I said let grodd be conttoling a human to get around instead of cgiing him as a main villain of a season

    Grodd is a great characer but limited cause the budget does not suport him

    Supergirl is trying to make it up by story and not much efects anymore which was the reason she got cancled at cbs 

    Not many viewers per budget costs

    While arrows season 5 has washed away that bad taste of the last season

    They use bad guys who are more earth made then space made

    I do know that berlanti would make a any dc character he can get his hands on but he is restricted

    Man i wish they just put batman in there already

    Also you can see that while they will use a name like flashpoint as based of of the comic its not flashpoint that we want

    I dont think crissis would be either

    Even the one where they are in 2046 was somewhat half decent


  11. On 10/25/2016 at 6:58 PM, Heliotropic said:

    New time of release, isn't it still 3:00 PM EST? 


    Liked the last couple episodes. 836 was a good adaptation of the case and am looking forward to 837 tomorrow. (I'll be around DCW more frequently, at least for the next two weeks until things pick up again)

    i think its 30-40 min more to wait

    nice to have you back


    837 was a tad boring to me, the ending was ok

    loved the soundtrack from the old days



    next episode seems interesting

    sure a murder in mid air has happened bu this time on a balloon 

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