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  1. Happy birthday, Hollie-chan!!! XD

  2. Happy Birthday Southpaw!

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Twin!

  4. I'm leaving for good. Bye DCW.

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    2. Misaki-chan


      EH?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! NEEEEECHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! TT_____________________TT COME BACK~~~~~~~ (or at least leave an email of some sort so we can keep in touch :X)

    3. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo


    4. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief


  5. :P

    You're welcome. :)

    You should play a round when I'm free, Twin. D: Otherwise it won't be fun. D:

    BTW, have to go soon. See you around. o/

  6. Ah~ were you taking an AP science or Honors? Anyways, it's a good thing that you got it in the end. :)

    Are you playing MM? :P

  7. Jovan-chan!! Yeah! I finally changed by display name to 'Lia'~ :D

    I'm good, how about you?

  8. Kid-kun, I kindof have to leave now. It's getting pretty late and I don't want my parents to know that I was procrastinating. XP

    Have lots of fun and ENJOY your birthday!

  9. Because you like high fives, Kid-kun, if I wasn't mistaken. :P

  10. You're welcome, Kid-kun! :)

    Actually, maybe I should've high-fived you instead.

    *high fives*

  11. Well, if you really think about it, it isn't that easy to get a B+ or A- either. I took forever (I'm exaggerating here, lol :P ) to raise my Bio grade to a solid A.

    OK. I'll keep that on a Post-it somewhere. XD

  12. I'm sure it won't be too tough for you, Twin. If you have 'A's for most of your assignments in that subject, your overall grade is probably still an 'A'.

    I would ask you for advice, but... :P

  13. Happy Birthday, Kid-kun!! *hugs*

  14. School's going pretty well, I think. I just have to work on Math. :P

    Yeah, I'm signing up for AP US for next year.

    Yup. :P I found a loophole and changed my screen name. XD

  15. Thanks for adding me! :)

  16. Thanks for adding me!

  17. We should be able to have a DCW Mafia game, IMO.

    1. Parkur


      Already been tried, not gonna happen

    2. Lia.


      I was just saying. :V

  18. I'm good. ^___^

    BTW, I really like ur profile pic. Is it Cosette?

  19. I'm changing my screen name to 'L.I.A'. Any objections? :P

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    2. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      The people above are to be ignored. Go ahead!

    3. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      The person above me is to be ignored. Don't do it!

    4. The Banana Paladin
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