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  1. Lia.

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Helping my brother with Pokémon Black and White x)
  2. Lia.

    Hi Everyone!

    Wow. Thanks Everyone!! Fast replies: HennyAng: Thanks for the info! Chelseaj500: Thanks!! Crazy is fine, but insane isn't okay. Most of my friends are crazy too. x) Sayomi: The ranks of insanity? Meitantei Holmes: I think I get it! Is it a reference to the chapter/episode where Vermouth appeared as Sharon Vineyard? That's the only thing that I can think of x) Identity Unknown: I don't really know how to use the thread, so.. OK, sure! My username on FF.net is fanficwriter007. I haven't written much I haven't been there for a while now, thanks to writer's block.
  3. Watched Movie 14 yesterday! Loved it <3

    1. phantomlady1101


      The best movie of Kaitou Kid I've seen is movie 3!!!

    2. tengaku squared
    3. IdentityUnknown


      13 all the way! (Except for the oh-so-many plot holes and gaping errors at the end, I mean, just a bit of digging should uncover a LOT about what actually happened...*begins ranting*)

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  4. Lia.

    Online Conan Game

    I found the second one and played it, but it was really short. The art wasn't that good either. Overall, the game was really short.
  5. I think it's hopeless that I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate around the site.

    1. IdentityUnknown


      Is it really that difficult to navigate? I found it quite simple...

    2. Lia.


      Yes, for the new people...

    3. IdentityUnknown


      Ah, um, maybe it's just me...well, good luck!

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