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  1. Lia.

    Word Association [Forum Game]

    Kendo (the sport that Heiji plays)
  2. Lia.

    Where is Everyone From?

    I live in Hong Kong, but was born in Singapore
  3. Lia.


    レディイレネアドゥレ I was trying to find out what it meant - in the forum game 'give the person above you a nickname'
  4. Lia.

    corrupted wish

    Granted, but you have to go for remedial classes/summer school/ whatever they call it I wish there were genies (Can't believe I'm actually saying this)
  5. Lia.


    I get angry when I'm doing the things I'm good at doing. Nonsense, right? It's actually true, sadly...
  6. Lia.

    Welcome to DCW!! Don't forget to introduce yourself by clicking 'Start new topic'!

  7. Someone who was the third to join LHC.
  8. Lia.

    This or That

    Sundae McDonald's or Burger King
  9. Lia.

    The Game.

    I lose... again
  10. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    29. Chiba
  11. Lia.

    Give the person above you a nick-name!

    Misaki nee chan!! xD
  12. Lia.

    Ruin a Meal 101 [Forum Game]

    Don't use the wax paper. Instead, using drawing paper. Add graphite on the drawing paper Instead of flour, use baking soda Instead of sugar, use a whopping amount of salt Line the sour yellow apples along the side of the pie Close it up with soy sauce and put the pie in the refrigerator That is how to ruin apple pie Curry
  13. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    27) Hakase
  14. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    24) Mitsuhiko
  15. Lia.

    Okiya Subaru?

    I think maybe it's either Bourbon or Vermouth.