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  1. Lia.

    This or That

    no homework. Home or Outside?
  2. Lia.

    Word Association [Forum Game]

  3. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    42) Kaito
  4. Lia.

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    I agree. If Ai's parents are the boss of the BO, then why would Ai's sister Akemi want to leave the organization and bring Ai with her? I think the boss of the BO is more likely to be Mr. Suzuki or Booker Kudo.
  5. Hmm... I think I'm Aoko, because I have messy hair I am rather childish for my age (although I never refer to myself in third person) I can get angry easily when someone provokes me
  6. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    40) The guy with the squirrel in Movie 7
  7. Lia.

    Character Letter Gamez!!

    Mouri Ran
  8. Lia.

    This or That

    Neither, because I didn't understand Yu-Gi-Oh. Osaka or Beika?
  9. Lia.

    Word Association [Forum Game]

    lowercase letters
  10. OMG! I'm so sorry, Misaki-chan! I didn't realize! Please forgive me!

  11. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    38) Sonoko
  12. Lia.

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    What I think is Manga Facebook
  13. Lia.

    Word Association [Forum Game]

    Quotation Marks
  14. Lia.

    Ruin a Meal 101 [Forum Game]

    Put the rice into the pan and actually fry it. Crackers/ Biscuits
  15. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    36) Makoto Kyogoku
  16. Lia.

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Korea. Barbecue or Grill
  17. Lia.

    Character Letter Gamez!!

    Yoko Okino (DC) Inspector Otaki (DC)