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  1. Lia.

    This or That

    Beef. Chicken or lamb?
  2. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    13) The case regarding Hideo Akagi and his brother Mamoru
  3. Lia.

    Emoticon Submission

    Love the emoticons! How do we use them?
  4. Lia.

    Hello :)

    Welcome to DCW!!
  5. Someone called Cure-Kun.
  6. Lia.

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Letters, cuz I'm better with them than with numbers. Letter or Email?
  7. Lia.

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2 aka a[a] + b = c[c] Quadratic Equations
  8. Lia.

    Ruin a Meal 101 [Forum Game]

    Instead of buying it, make it from scratch (which is no doubt very hard) Popcorn
  9. Lia.

    This or That

    iPhone. Technology or Paper-and-Pen?
  10. Lia.

    Count to One Million [Forum Game]

    3177 What's with the letters?
  11. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    11) Valentine's Day Case (It was in Book 32, I think)
  12. Misaki-chan, 500 posts! Congrats!

  13. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    9) Black Knight Episode
  14. I don't like Haibara Ai. She reminds me too much of myself.

    1. Aeyra


      I'm a mix of her, Ran, and Mitsuhiko. I added that in cuz realized half the time I'm really childish. Yesterday on the 5-hour car trip back from science olympiad for example...

    2. IdentityUnknown


      I have no idea who I am. Ah, now I remember. I'm Nobody. The ninja who sneaks in but you never see him.

    3. Misaki-chan


      I think I'm a mix of Sato and Takagi. But I'm not really sure.

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  15. Lia.

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    The lines in Math class (x-axis and y-axis) Slope
  16. Lia.

    50 Things {Forum Game}

    7) Episode 190
  17. Lia.

    Ruin a Meal 101 [Forum Game]

    Instead of coating the layer with flour, coat it with salt Ice Cream
  18. Someone whose location is set to Los Angeles, California
  19. Lia.


    I loved the story. Yes, I thought it was Conan the entire time! I couldn't believe it, until the end of the fic. :-o Then I read it again and I got it xD Actually, I like the pairing Mitsuhiko x Ai :grin: