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  1. Lia.

    This or That

    Depends. Count or Countess?
  2. Lia.

    Justin Bieber

    Probably. He sings like a girl.
  3. Uh... you can Google it. It's a city.

  4. Lia.


    I can swim in air.
  5. Lia.

    Character Letter Gamez!!

    Jolly Roger (in Movie 11)
  6. Lia.

    Tell Me a Lie

    Liar! It's morning where you live! I don't owe Misaki-chan a hug.
  7. Lia.

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    A form of transport. Car
  8. Someone who will get another hug. *hugs*
  9. Lia.

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Pepsi! Definitely Pepsi!! Ice Cube or Ice Shave?
  10. I dunno. I've never received one. Unless you count hugs as treats. Someone who likes Kingdom Hearts.
  11. Lia.

    Word Association [Forum Game]

    MLIA (Epic website)
  12. Lia.

    Finish The Quote

    'order three large pizzas?' 'Are they...'
  13. ME!! Someone who likes candy.
  14. Lia.

    This or That

    Pro. Athletic or Nerdy?
  15. Lia.

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Hyper. Energy Drink or Soft Drink?
  16. Lia.


    Actually, Cure-kun, it isn't. The writer made a book write itself because he wanted to write.
  17. Someone who I will give three more hugs to.
  18. Lia.

    Finish The Quote

    'slept for three days straight!' 'Who is...'
  19. I have! It's funny and true. *High-Fives IdentityUnknown as well* Someone who doesn't get why Rebecca Black should be famous.
  20. Lia.

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    I ban you for banning her!