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  1. Why is firefox marking this site for malware?

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    2. Maltavite


      Same, but ignore it

    3. nis-aihara


      It happens to Internet Explorer too. Luckily I had permission to open it.

    4. dw5chaosfan


      Browser logic: No malicious content, still marks as bad site.

  2. So far, school is good... except for the stupid ass engineering class and Spanish 2, which I can't transfer out of because I passed a stupid citywide proficiency with a 75, which is barely passing. FML.

  3. Top 8 at worlds:6 inzectors, 1 malefic skill drain, and 1 exodia. Top 4 at worlds:4 inzectors. OMG Dragonfly is getting banned.

  4. I should be out playing YGO with my friends right now, but my dad is home.

  5. Blue Exorcist=awesome.

  6. Great. I just lost my wallet w/ $15 in it, 7 games, and my keys, just because my dad didn't check every drawer before we left the retreat.

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    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      I think Dw means the games and keys were in the same drawer as the wallet xD

    3. TheBlackTac


      @Phi: They are probably DS games. :P They're small enough to fit in his wallet.

      Close Enough. XP

    4. dw5chaosfan


      all pokemon games...

  7. I officially entered a vocaloid fever.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXCQelhKJ7A&feature=player_embedded I just graduated middle school and I can understand this... wtf.
    1. Sakila


      I watched the beginning but I don't have time to watch the rest. That's some pretty interesting stuff.

    2. dw5chaosfan


      It's a friggin Cambridge University lecture on physics and cosmology for God's sake, and I can make things out of it...

    3. Sakila


      Just means you're smart, I guess.

  9. Mikunopolis today... at LOS ANGELES. WHHHYYYY???????!!!!!!!!*claws hands around forehead*

  10. Trying to learn Japanese. It's hard, but it's coming along good enough.

    1. vawli


      Same, taking longer than expected but it is a complicated language.

    2. detective-db
  11. Going to watch the amazing spider-man at 7:00 pm est today. I won't be on from then until 9:00 or 9:30 est.

  12. Unfortunately, no. I have 2 very smart girls as my friends(one of them is my crush that friend-zoned me last week), but neither of them made it into the test cutoff zone for my school, not did any of my other friends, yet SOMEHOW THOSE RETARDS got in.

  13. I swear, if I have to see either of them ever again in my life, I would choke to death on the spot. Unfortunately, the people who I would miss if they were gone are all gone, and the annoying and/or stupid people are coming with me to high school. >:(.

  14. Kid, my demon of an English teacher demanded college level essays from us. She also publicly embarrassed everybody who failed at meeting her standards, as well as going on rants whenever someone is absent. Think of the meanest teacher you ever had, it's basically him/her on crack. My math teacher is pretty much the same... Senile old b******.

  15. @Kid, yes, I'm back. Finally, the damn school with my evil teachers was over.

  16. I will be on this site daily starting from this point

  17. Ok, so it's Independence day. *Bandit Keith pops up* "In America!"

  18. Dammit the teachers' regents prep crap... Prevents me from coming on this site for tha past few months.

  19. Hey guys I'm doing an essay for the a eassay contest, and I'm writing about me bring locked in a library for 1 night. I'm going to go with a storyline similar to the case when Conan and the DB are locked in a library. Any suggestions? Also would Gosho sue me for copyright violation?

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    2. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      As long as you avoid any direct mention of DC, and also make the variation a bit different, no problems, I think.

    3. MadelineLime


      If you are inspired by a story, you need to state as much.

    4. dw5chaosfan


      I don't plan on doing anything that relates to DC.

  20. I am about ti die laughing:

  21. guys I'm dead. My English teacher made a FB.

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