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  1. After a long time. I'm finally back here! Helloooooo ~

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      It doesn't feel like two or three years, though!

    3. young detective

      young detective

      Yea, sorry I left without saying anything

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Thanks for returning again! :)

  2. maybe its really just for fun ? :D

  3. why did your friend slap you ?

  4. im fine.thanks! how are you ? :D

  5. Im fine .. how are you ? sorry for replying so slow

  6. watching some anime , you tube ... anything that can make me feel so sleepy XD

  7. Its already 2:30 am >.< and still I cant sleep T.T

    1. Sakila


      I wish I could sleep at 2:30...I have so much hw, I only get three-four hours of sleep a day...

    2. young detective

      young detective

      anime girl 4 eva:were the same =)... but now were on vacation so I can sleep as long as I want

    3. Sakila


      xPP Lucky you. Breaks over for us :(

  8. gotta go now.. its fun talking with you .. see ya!! =)

  9. well .. we call ours kindergarden,elemantary,high school and college ..kindergarden have prep,nursery and kinder the elementary are from grade 1-6 and high school are 1st-4th year and then college is optional =)

  10. i think youre at elemetary .. Im not sure because our elementary is only up to 6th grade

  11. is that a middle school ? high school ?

  12. really ? thanks ... being a babysitter is so hard.. the baby is always crying >.<

  13. babysitter and helping to manage the shop of my friend ...sorry im not that good in speaking english

  14. yeah.. i think its 71 dollars there ? im not so sure

  15. yeah.. i think its 71 dollars ? im not so sure

  16. i have 2 summer job..so I earn total of 3000 pesos a month... =) I will add it in my savings in the bank

  17. yup i will work to earn extra money =) i have a summer job

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