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  1. OMG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! it's been a year since i've logged in here...sorry for not logging in for a year...but..thank God i'm still alive and kicking..I still haven't catched up to the newest episodes...I was very busy watching other anime..that I needed a new air....*crying for joy* ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  2. ahhh *stretches* itsbeen a while since i last logged in here.. but thank god.. i still remembered it!!

  3. happy birthday shin-chan!!

  4. thank you for greeting me yesterday!!!^_^

  5. thank you for greeting me yesterday!! ^_^

  6. thank you for greeting me yesterday!!^_^

  7. thank you! for greeting me.. yesterday..^_^

  8. happy birthday!!

  9. for those who greeted me " happy birthday" thank you!! ^_^ i'm 13 now!!

  10. last practice tomorrow.. then it's graduation and after graduation recognition day and after that SUMMER!!!!!!!!

  11. welcome to DCW, hope you enjoy your stay here...

  12. tuesday is our graduation or can i call it "the day"

  13. 4 days before graduating!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ahhhhh.. i'm not i the honor roll.. * gulps * my mom is gonna get mad at me.......

  15. hmmm...... wonder what to do today?..........

  16. yes you can greet me.. by the way thank for posting ^_^

  17. graduation is now gettin' closer!!!!

  18. please vote and add a comment

    1. Aeyra


      Vote and add a comment on what?

    2. Denz001
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