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  1. Saturday Data from the Usual Locations:

    Openers :

    Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker 35.6% (!) increase over last year's Detective Conan film.

    Weekend Projections based on this data:

    1 (NEW) Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker (Toho) ¥650-725 million (around $8 million), Week 1

    Extraordinary for Detective Conan. The 35.6% increase actually puts it close to ¥750 million or $9 million+ (insane), but I'm going to be conservative here and lower the weekend projection since it's so out of the norm for this very stable franchise that's been opening to ¥500-590 million the past 5 years. And I doubt it doesn't become the highest grossing film in the franchise now, so ¥3.5 billion+ ($45 million) is likely.


    I will be adding more info about the progression of the 16th movie in the box office in the upcoming weeks as they go by.

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  2. If it's 140 or 152, then I could agree (although one could argue that she could be in the 'gifted/brilliant' category and not in the genius one, she's not Galileo or De Vinci). However, if it's 180, then I don't, it's a ridiculous number which seems totally out of proportions (a 140-180 range seems too wide as well). My point was not to say Shiho has an IQ of 110 as that would be an obvious underestimation (I would say the 130-145 range), but just to correct the fact that an IQ of 110 is 'barely above average' on a world-wide or americain level (I assumed you used one of these 2 scales in your first post). I wouldn't want our readers to believe they are average or just above average if ever they take an IQ test and get a result around 110.

  3. Also ihkf 110 is barely above average.

    Not really. Between 20% and 30% of the population (estimations vary) has an IQ superior to 110 (the 145/150+ category represents barely 0.1%) , that's not what I call barely above average. Also, based on Richard Lynn's 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations', no country has an average IQ egal to 110, the highest is Hong-Kong with 107. Japan is indeed very well positioned with a 3rd place and an average of 105, but 5 points for an average are very significant. However, for a specific part of the population (such as college grads, doctors or other social or ethnic groupes), the average IQ can indeed be much higher than 110.

    I don't know why, but IQ values are always overestimated on the internet where it seems 90% of the population has an IQ above 130...It's probably because of all these stupid worthless tests that always end up saying : 'Wow, you're very bright, you have an IQ of 130/140/150.'

    source : http://sq.4mg.com/NationIQ.htm

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