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  1. 810 was really an excellent episode. And not that much censorship compared to what I initially expected. Highlights included the first scene of the episode as well as the strangling scene, basically all the scenes involving murder.  :P 

    Just a bit annoyed that they took out a funny scene once again probably to save on voice-acting.

    By the way, is it me or has the quality of CR's subs declined ? I was sometimes bothered by their timing or the way they split the sentences, not to mention a few typos here and there as well as odd phrasing.


    @Heliotropic : It's not his eye that's shaded, it's the right glass of his glasses, both in the manga and in the anime. Perhaps will it look different when we see him without his glasses, if we ever do. For now I prefer that the anime stick closer to what the manga did, which is what they did here.

  2. Both are perfectly fine for kids. People in the west are too protective of their childen thinking they'll be traumatized for life by seeing just a small stain of blood. Nowadays with the internet and social media most kids have seen that by the time they're 7 or 8. We're hardly talking about rated -18 for violence movies here. At this level you can opt for the 'show and explain' philosophy.

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  3. Hello everyone,


    While I think any new piece of information can always be of use, I do have a few issues with the current format which I find lacks clarity and makes an already long episode list uselessly overly long with information that is likely not a priority for the average viewer.


    I think it would be better if the remasters were either given their own section on the anime page or a page of their own referenced in the 'See also' section, but since Max disagrees with me I'm asking the vox populi for their opinion.


    Thanks ! :P

  4. Kawanakajima : Great.

    Blog : Meh.

    First met first love : Awful.

    Yoko and Higo's date : Standard but quite funny.

    Ramen Revisited : Average rehash saved a bit by Sato and Takagi

    Zombie Movie Murder Case : Pretty good.

    Girl Band : Meh.

    Department Store Stabbing : Not bad for a DB case.

    UFO case : Meh.


    Ranked from best to worst : Kawanakajima, Zombie Movie, Yoko and Higo's date, Department Store Stabbing, Ramen Revisited, Girl Band, UFO, Blog, [..............................] First met first love.

  5. Hi everyone,


    I noticed that there are two different formats for the ratings of the episodes :


    X,Y0% or X,Y%


    For example :


    http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/A_Crab_and_Whale_Kidnapping_Case (17.30%)


    http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/The_Man_Obstructed_by_the_Steel_Frame (10.5%)


    It's not a big deal but I think a standard format should be chosen for past and future episodes in the name of consistency and because it will just look better.

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  6. Another poll not mentioned by Startold was done a few years ago asking the general japanese population which manga series they would most like to never see end. The results were then seperated by gender :


    Men :


    1.  KOCHI KAME 『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 25.3%
    2.  ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 20.2%
    3.  DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 16.0%
    5.  HAJIME NO IPPO 『はじめの一歩』 5.1%


    Women :


    1.  DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 22.5%
    2.  ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 18.7%
    3.  KOCHI KAME  『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 16.2%
    4.  NANA 『NANA』 10.7%
    5.  KIMI NI TODOKE 『君に届け』 9.1%


    Sadly the site that did the poll closed and changed interface (http://cobs.jp/enquete/realranking/2011/01/22_1.html). Maybe you can find it on the new website, not sure though.

  7. Official

    http://www.conatsu.com - Gosho's personal website

    http://www.conatsu.com/sherry/index.htm - Sherry's soliloquy on Gosho's personal website

    http://www.conan-portal.com/ - Main official Conan aggregate site (Manga, anime, movies, other stuff)

    http://www.websunday.net/rensai/conan/ - Shounen Sunday Conan manga

    http://www.ytv.co.jp/conan/index.html - YTV Conan anime

    http://www.conan-movie.jp/index.html - Conan film webpage (changes with every movie)

    Forums by language

    http://bbs.aptx.cn/ - Chinese fanforum

    http://dcdp.de/ - German fanforum

    http://dconan.net/ - German information site

    http://detektivconan-forum.com/index.php?page=Portal - German fanforum

    http://www.beika-street.net/ - French fanforum (Down permanently?)


    http://anokata.xxxxxxxx.jp/ - Fairly extensive Japanese fanpage on various theories

    http://www.zerochan.net/Detective+Conan%2COfficial+Art - Large repository of official art in decent quality

    http://edogawa.proboards.com/ - Main English-language forum prior to DCTP, dead, but contains some old discussions worthy of note

    http://www.conan-magic.com/ - Endless Youth and Co., can find some hard to find art here.

    http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/1555-translating-interviews/ - DCW repository link of interviews.


    The new beika street is : http://beikastreet.forumjap.com/

  8. I stalk the anime subreddit and sites like MyAnimeList and Anime News Network daily.  Trust me, there is very little demand for DC in the west.  anglophone countries

    Even if popularity "doubles" between week one to, say, week ten, that's still a fraction of what most other shows can reap after a single episode.

    No one wants to start a series like DC nowadays.  Just stick with one to two cour anime and you'll feel a lot more accomplished.


    Conan is very well known in Italy and Germany, still fairly remembered in France and Spain. I think that counts as 'the West' too.


    Just an interesting post on reddit I stumbled upon once :


    I taught English to migrant adults when I was a lot younger. One game we used to play was "celebrity head". You face the class with your back to the blackboard, and have the picture of a famous person stuck above your head, above the blackboard where you can't see it. You have to ask questions of the class to ascertain who it is. "Male or female?" "Alive or dead?"

    I had to prepare all the pictures beforehand of course, and it was sometimes quite tricky. People come from a wide range of backgrounds, and unless everyone knows who the celebrity head is, the game falls flat on its face. You put up a picture of someone on the board, the person who is playing the game looks eagerly out at their fellow students expecting uncontrolled giggling but all they get is blank looks. Punchline fail. If only a minority of students know who it is it's no fun either, because they are the only people able to answer the player's questions, everyone else gets bored.

    Anyone musical wouldn't work, because popular music is very language-specific, with a few exceptions. Michael Jackson comes to mind. The Beatles didn't work, too many people hadn't heard of them, which I was surprised by. Mickey Mouse usually worked, but Saudi students didn't know them. Presidents of the USA usually worked, but anyone before Clinton was 50/50; if people were alive during the presidency, they knew him, but not if he wasn't. Another was Osama bin Laden, everyone recognized him immediately with the beard and the turban, of course I couldn't use him when there were any Saudis in the class.

    So anyway, how is this relevant. I can't remember why I ended up using Conan, but once I put him up on the board. And there was this flicker of recognition across the entire class. This doesn't happen very often. Usually only US presidents get that kind of recognition from people from that many different cultures. I mean I had to explain who Mickey effing Mouse was to this Saudi guy, but this same guy looks at Conan and is like "Ah yes, he is solving the crimes, he is high school student but is small boy body, he very popular in Riyadh." Thais, Vietnamese, Japanese, Europeans, South Americans they all knew who he was immediately.

    Obviously I've heard of him, and if you're subscribed to /r/manga you probably have, but he hasn't got much of a profile in the Anglophone world, does he. Have they even done the anime in ENglish?


    tl;dr everyone in the world has heard of Conan.





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