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  1. To be consistent with current Wiki standards, it should be written as "Koji Haneda", so basically not the manga version nor the anime version. Still don't understand why it's left as "Kohji" on his character page when the double vowels in romaji spelling weren't kept for Shinichi or Yusaku Kudo, and many other characters, never mind adding an h. Only exception being the Mouris I believe.

  2. Just butting in to say that any knowledge I may have brought to the table was based on the french fan-translated version which is translated from japanese but is of course also prone to potential mistakes. This means I am in no way a reliable source to put forward in an argument when it comes to these issues, not nearly as reliable as Spimer, Serinox or Yunnie anyway.

  3. Sorry for picking the wrong section, my bad.


    I agree with you about the people's section as well, and it's not only the movies, far from it.






    In each case, do we really need 'man #1', 'man #2', "man #3' and 'man #4' ? I'm of the opinion that unnamed people shouldn't even appear there.


    About recurring characters, I think there is a level of recurring : Takahiro Sanada, for example, is now definitely worth mentioning. However, I'm not sure all the different very minor police staff have even reached that level of recurring. Having them in the cast list feels like it needlessly overloads it.


    Not to mention all the animals have now joined the people's section :





    Another issue is repetition, for example Gin and Vodka appear three times on the page of the first episode :



  4. Going through the wiki, I've noticed an expansion of the cast section recently, a good example is Movie 18 :




    Firstly, all the 'background' characters that don't actually make an appearance or even speak (Gin, Chianti, Korn...). In fact I would think people who look for Gin, Shinichi or Heiji episodes look for episodes in which they appear or at least talk, not for episodes where they just make a background appearance.


    Secondly, the cameo characters : fair enough for MG in that case I suppose (and even then...) but does Detective Kurumazaki (does anyone even know him ?) appearing even need to be mentioned in the cast list ?


    Thirdly, all the unimportant characters such as Miyuki Tabeta, the aforementioned Detective Kurumazaki or, and the most ridiculous in this case, 'woman'.


    I would suggest having a required minimum amount of apperances to be in the cast list and getting rid of the characters who only make a background apparance without even speaking. Otherwise, we have these ridiculously large cast lists which I don't think bring much valuable information.


    Any opinions ?

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