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  1. 2 hours ago, Uncle Sporkums said:

    First point, the latter.


    The Kir arc was "okay" for me, it was when the Bourbon arc debut and these additional characters were added that it became irredeemable for me. By then, the Org cases were really the only ones I'd followed, anyway.


    It happens exactly the same to me. I am entertained by the cases, but I prefer the story to end, instead of continuing at this level.

  2. in the wiki, is the following sentence: "Conan notes the serial number is different which means that the police kept the original phone as evidence, and thus the plan was a success." but if you see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDPeI8KiWA4 ( 9:40) you are going to realize: conan is not happy, rather, he is sad and lowers his head and then answers to the guys in the best way to not display his sadness... i am right?

  3. So Scar Akai is neither Amuro, Sera or Subaru, then who could it be?

    - He could simply be Bourbon (non of those 3 above), but that's pretty unlikely to happen.

    - He could be 'real Akai' this time, but as Okiya's most likely the real Akai that's also pretty unlikely in my mind.

    - If it's Vermouth disguised as Scar Akai then who is this mysterious woman Okiya's talking to?

    The woman then would most likely be the one in AJ M's pic of file 419 (also could be Bourbon but I don't think so), but is the woman next to Akai in the car really Fusae? If that's true and she's the mysterious woman of file 820 then why is her hair pinned-up? Fusae had loose hair when she met Agasa and on closer inspection the woman in file 419 also has.. Why would she have her hair pinned-up if it's only shoulder-length?..

    it can´t be vermouth, because she appered when the BO tried to kill scar akai a long while ago..

  4. was watching the movie 10 (the best in my opinion so far) and noticed that there was no meeting between Shinichi and Ran, as in the past 9 others

    1. talk behind the door

    2. shinichi shot

    3. final moment of the movie

    4. I love you, ran

    5. building jump

    6. Comparisons of conan and shinichi

    7. shinichi memories

    8. I love you, shinichi

    9. memories ran

  5. Conan is already in the cover page of each and every DC comic. Why would he bother whether he needs to have a keyhole?

    Gin is one of the high rankings...Gosho might want to save him for the last few volumes.

    Borboun haven't been formally introduced yet. We still have no idea who he is.... and you're already expecting someone we don't know YET to have a keyhole?

    And if shiho turns out at the keyhole, the black organisation might be able to track her once they see the book...jk

    I liked the last answer... and kaito?

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