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  1. so we've reached that point in the monthly cycle where i come by, drop a bunch of posts on you guys, and leave again. so, what's up?

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    2. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      hmm, well, i didn't really "drop out" per se, unless you count my mentality. i sort of had this dream of being a pilot a long time ago, and still do - it's just gonna take a lot more work before i become one. i didn't really see how trying to get a master's or one of those higher-up degrees would help me in this regard, so i stopped at bachelor. plus, college didn't turn out to be the panacea i was expecting. and yes, i was getting even more lazy in college, so tha...

    3. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      ...that probably was a contributing reason.

      halloween is today, and i dunno. there's been days i've given out stuff and days where i haven't. if i'm gonna do it today i probably need to make a stop at the grocery real fast hehe. i never really got into trick-or-treating, since it gets cold in the evening at this time in this year (it even snows sometimes!), though other people don't seem to mind as much.

    4. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      getting along fine, meh, i guess you could put it that way. definitely much slower of a life than when i was in school, though, that's for sure, but maybe that's just me getting older. :<

      sometimes i feel i need somebody to keep me accountable (after that kitchen debacle for sure lol) but i'm also really digging the solitary life. i can at least provide for myself, but sometime it's a hassle.

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