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  1. Overall, a generally good attempt at Shinichi for a first-timer- I'm neutral towards the storyline that goes beside it, though. (I'm ShinRan)

    Open the spoiler box for a more 'critical' comment. Don't take any offence, please ^-^.

     Are you sure?

    The general 'shape' of your art is admirable- the proportions are great. However, the hairstyle is off. Gosho Aoyama-sensei uses a more simple approach. If you were aiming for the 'realistic' approach, that's a whole different story. WELL DONE ON SHADING ^-^


    I like the way you draw the hands so well, the gun is accurately-drawn too. 

    If I may point out another aspect I didn't like so much, it would be the folds in the shirt aren't that accurate. (and the collar is a bit big)

    If you were aiming at the realistic approach, I'd have to say the nose is too anime-like.

    And I almost forgot! The bloodstains are nice! Did you add them on later? I'd suggest starting with the background next time.

    Well, that's all I can say ^-^! I hope you continue drawing and improve as you go on then~ 

    Here's some candy as compensation for reading through my rant *gives candy*

    Thanks for the comment and the constructive criticism, well the reason why shinichi doesnt look like the way he's usually drawn is because i changed the art style to a more shojo look i guess and yeah i always have problems with the clothes but ill figure out those folds someday

  2. So this piece was based on if the antidote for the APTX 4869 worked giving conan his actual body back but his mind was corrupted due to another side effect, making his sadistic side tide over him. So now he is like a genius serial killer/assassin working for the black organization. Lets hope that never happens.

    This is my first time applying hand drawn art into digital so its kinda amateur so yeah

    Btw the artstyle is different it has a more shojo aproach just saying


    This one is ran a shinichi as elementary school kids. The class pet(the rabbit) wen missing so shinichi and ran volunteer to look for it. Shinichi tried to deduce where the rabbit was but in the end Ran found it before him. So shinichi is annoyed and pissed off.


    angel ran chan(i got the pose from sailor moon sailor stars)


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