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  1. It kinda went wrong a long time ago.

    They have Adventure Time, they're okay

    I am just absolutely terrible at first person shooters. Also, I believe that first person shooters, in general, suck.

    they do, first person shooters are the worst video game genre in history, second only to survival horror games

  2. Jeans ran up, panting from her afternoon jog

    "ne ne, Misaki-kun, I think I've been missing something in my life"

    Misaki was shocked, unable to make any sense of this

    "W-what is it?" she asked, surprised

    Jeans paused before giving her heartfelt answer

    "It's...you, Misaki..."

    Misaki gasped, her heart was beating faster than Moho running from the cops



    The two embraced, when suddenly, a lone gunshot was heard, the two fell over dead

    "If I can't have her...nobody can"

    The mysterious figure left the scene, only a lone Hetalia DVD remained

    TO BE CONTINUED??????????????????

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