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  1. Pheew.. Long time haven't visited DCW..

  2. Happy Birtday, Allie!! :D

  3. Yay!! Another ShinRan's fan..


  4. Welcome..

    Your name is similar with YuGiOh's creator, Kazuki Takahashi.. :)

  5. Happy birthday to u too.. :)

  6. Wow, we are.. Such a great coincidence..

    Happy birthday to both of us.. :)

    Haha.. :D

  7. Yay!! Another Shinran.. :D


  8. thanks a lot, rosa..

    U'r the first that say happy birthday to me.. :D

  9. Hello guys..!! (^_^)

    1. IdentityUnknown
    2. Stradivarius
    3. IdentityUnknown


      :D. You haven't been online recently...according to my sources...
  10. yup, it is..

    nice to know u :D

  11. hello..

    glad to find another DC fan from indo :)

    and also ShinRan :D

  12. Nice.. I'm glad too to know u're SR fan..(^_^)

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