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  1. Finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

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    2. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Yup, it'e gonna be a cold day in hell when I retire.

    3. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      Still hanging on, unfortunately. :P

      It's very nice to see you again!

    4. Black Demon

      Black Demon

      Hi Aeyra, long time no see!

  2. Finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  3. Just finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  4. Hm, I've been away for who knows how long... but just finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  5. ... someone define 'crackship' for me, because I'm having an argument with someone who says any two people who have met and talked can be considered a non-crack couple. >.> As far as I'm concerned, just because two characters have MET (this is seriously their only requirement) does not make them a couple. What do you guys think?

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    2. A L

      A L

      Yes, like ShinichixKazuha.

    3. Miss Smiles

      Miss Smiles

      Could they possibly joking and messing with you?

      Probably they find you look serious they want to know do you know them well. If they're not funny; they won't care much if someone ask

    4. Aeyra


      No, they aren't joking with me. THEY'RE FREAKING SERIOUS. The irritating part is that they're calling me a 'bad fan' and 'rude' and 'disrespectful' because I say some shippings are impossible in canon. >.>

  6. .... I've been gone for too long. When did the website look so darn fancy? O.o

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      About... Two days ago :P

  7. That shooting was a nightmare... even worse... I just found out my friend goes to a high school in the same town. I'm so happy the high school wasn't targeted, but... there's nothing worse than the death of children.

  8. Does anyone have a clue which character is known as Inspektor Ishimiso in the German version of DC? Because I'm having trouble here talking to a German friend on dA. =w=

    1. Reozen


      I think Inspektor Ishimiso is Inspector Nakamori but I could be wrong I don't know much of the German version of Detective Conan.

  9. Holy crap I just won a Wi-Fi OU tournament... on Pokemon Online... on the biggest server. O.o How the heck?!

  10. Thanks for all those birthday wishes yesterday! Also, concerning DCW IRL Round 3, I have no time to put an ending as it has reached its deadline. I'd highly appreciate the participants finishing.

    1. Maltavite


      Well, I'll end it. And happy birthday!

    2. vawli


      Your Welcome.

    3. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Will do, Aeyra-han.

  11. Everyone, remember, you have until tomorrow to complete DCW IRL Round 3!

  12. Okay. ^^ Sent... The more I look at it, the more horrible it becomes... OTL

  13. D: Could I just PM it to you first? I will embarrass myself. X3 And I'm mainly talking about posting it to dA and the Nuzlocke forums...

  14. I only know the Scarlet letter. X) .... Wanna look at my Nuzlocke for me? I kind of want feedback before I post it and embarrass myself. XD

  15. It's called 'Things Fall Apart.'

  16. Does anyone want to tell me if my Nuzlocke idea is interesting? If you want to see the pages, just comment and I'll PM you. ^^ I just want an opinion really. (but don't want to post.)

    1. A L

      A L

      I might as well hear it, since it's the second time you posted it even if I have no idea what Nuzlocke is! ^^

    2. Aeyra


      Yeah, I wanted a response and since no one did... X) Nuzlocke is basically a style of playing Pokemon but you can draw a comic/write a story for it. I'll giv emore details in the PM.

  17. Summer reading + taking notes on every chapter, AP Euro, and AP Chem Packet. :P And I have a job and cross country too.

  18. Chels! :D No, school hasn't started yet. (and it better not.) XD I still haven't done my summer work~

  19. Hey look, the drawing I was working on during my join.me. :V Too lazy to post it here, so go look at it on dA: http://fav.me/d5bjwms

  20. I'm not finished with it yet. X3 I would have posted it if i had....

  21. Livestream over! Thanks to those who joined!

  22. Click the link to watch me draw :V https://join.me/694-652-317

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    2. IdentityUnknown


      Looking good! I personally like the guy.

    3. A L

      A L

      King Ruby and Queen Saphire <3

    4. Lovestruck


      <33333333333 And the ghost beside them. I love him the most.

  23. I'm trying to draw fur. FFFFFF- it's not working.

    1. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Think of petting something fuzzy, and imagine giving the drawing that texture and emotion~ ^^

    2. MadelineLime


      It works better in the negative.

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