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  1. I've started watching it. It's much better than I expected

    The shooting scenes done in this movie may be enjoyable and believable through the DC world standards. But watch out for the sky deck battle scene. It's the only scene I have a problem with *head desk*. Again, The rising climax imo was more enjoyable than the climax itself. But still, GREAT movie! Hope you enjoy it Akai!

  2. worst movies

    11 - agree with everything carpet said

    13 - made the bo look kiddy and stupid when they're actually the comeplete opposite in the anime. childish action scenes and the most unbelievble stunt to send a bunch of professional killers flying.

    best - 14, 4 and 5

  3. No idea.... CC just said that most of the people who watched said that it sucks more than movie 11, the worst movie of DC.

    No way....it's probably because there was no case. Besides, nothing can be worse than movie 11, which bored me to death and movie 13, which was just plain bad. imo. :)

  4. Nah, he said that he heard that lots of people who watched the movie said that it sucks. Try listening to the podcasts.

    BTW, are you a member of dctp too? Don't tell me you are the bear, Rohoph

    nooooooo! im just a newcomer here. who said that a lot of people who watched the movie thought it sucks? because almost everything i've heard up to this point was positive.

  5. From our dearest moderator, Carpet Crawler....(no offense intended)

    You made it sound like you were hearing it from several people. :D

    It's gotten two highly rated reviews, I can post links if you want. Several positive feedback from video comments and on the chats. And It's gotten praise from two major people. Jd- and Apo, who is the main administrator of one of the most popular dc sites around (Apo said that this might be the best movie to date). But everyone has their own opinion. I also have a couple of problems with the movie but the positive points just outweigh the negative ones by a mile. I do have a possible theory on why Carpet didn't like the movie - No murder. Tbh, this movie seemed more like a James Bond movie with good twists rather than a Conan movie. I for one found it very refreshing that a DC movie didn't have any case in it...for once.

  6. Is it? Coz I've heard that it's bad

    From who...Jd from DCTP said it himself in the Movie 14 release post.

    I don’t really have much more to say than that, but I am very confident everyone is going to really love this release. - Jd-

    Look around, it's getting major positive feedback.

  7. I was honestly expecting something bad but wow! This movie is GENIUS! It's getting positive feedback everywhere I go. I've already found two reviews on it, with both giving it 9 and 10 over 10. Chatting with other DC fans, they think it's great too, I don't see why anyone would hate it...Great rebound from last year's extremely horrible movie.

  8. Well, for my part, I really disliked the movie. I respect other opinion, but my review will be quite... negative.

    The story is a mess with the last act being a big joke. To make a movie of 1h42 with a microscopic story, they filled the movie with almost one hour of action scenes and a permanent overuse of Conan gadgets.

    The story doesn't work, the atmosphere doesn't work either (there wasn't a single moment the direction allowed me to be afraid for the characters), some moments of the movie were useless and the fan-service is over-present the whole movie.

    At least the music score was good and I love the ending song Overdrive.

    I love most of Conan's movies but, to me, this one is the only one I think of as bad, really bad (movie 1, 6 and 11, even if I don't really like them, have their moments). There's almost nothing in it.

    I can understand Movie 11. I personally disliked 9, 10 and hated 11 and 13. But I can't understand your hate for 1, 6 and 14. Anyway, I respect your opinion.

  9. I LOVED IT! IT WAS SOOOO AMAZING! HOLY! I wasn't even expecting anything like this! There were sooo much exciting scenes! And so many good twists too! The Ran - Kaito plot device was brilliantly executed and the CGI, sound effects, music were great! Though I honestly didn't like the "sky deck" battle scene. Arguably best movie to date! 9/10

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