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  1. Hello I'm back from my long disappearance.
  2. Wow its almost been a mouth with no new post about mafia, this is bad
  3. Your not even old enough to drink alcohol in the U.S. so that means if you do your breaking the law!
  4. yeah you can, But I rather have them in book form because they are so long.
  5. It is hard to get your hands on a English copy of the manga. But this forum is filled with people who are all over the world, And I know for a fact that kindaichi has been translated into more languages then just English.(though the English version is not complete) So I'm hoping that there is someone on this forum who has collected most of the manga and is will to help out with the wiki.(also the first 18 episodes and the first movie have been fan-subbed, so I'd check those out,and if you watch the movie let me warn you the subbs are not so good, I would definitely watch the TV episodes first they have better subbs.) *The whole goal of the wiki is to introduce the manga/anime to more people so it is more know.
  6. Murder on the Orient Express is a very good book.(surprising ending)
  7. you should definitely look into it, It's a really good series. *thank you for bringing this thread back to life, I hope we can get a wiki for the series.
  8. What??? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Your joking right?
  9. go up to the top of this page and you will see.
  10. Hello everyone, I see we are talking about ghosts,
  11. I still think "park kuruma san" fits parkur perfectly
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