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  1. but he got to addicted and posted a lot more then you. I wish I could fly in the sky.
  2. Very good job, I hope I get as good as you.
  3. Very good job I like them.
  4. I walk with my hands to my side unless I am wearing a sweater then I have them in the pockets.
  5. Yeah my Japanese couch is very helpful.
  6. That's really good keep up the great work.
  7. Wow that's really cool, I wish I could do that! :mrgreen:
  8. You know your addicted when: The only thing you draw in art class is Conan, when you always talk to your girlfriend about Sherlock Holmes.
  9. sounds cool, but I think you might have issues with someone out there just like the watch section had.
  10. Richard: I know, he's amphibious!!!! Conan (Thinking to himself):He's not a frog you moron! He's ambidextrous
  11. When I finish High school I am going to go to college to become a detective, I always wanted to before I found out about Conan,my dads friend is a detective and he's had some crazy cases kind of like Conan.
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