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  1. As of right now Cats do not have the rights to own wheelchairs in the following countries: All of North America All of south America All of Asia All of Europe (except for Finland) Please help prevent racism against cats and allow them to own wheelchairs.
  2. Yah it does belong under that topic. Also I was bored and thought this might bring a laugh to a few people so I posted it. No humor, huh? It's great isn't it?
  3. "government is not the solution, Government is the problem"
  4. Didn't they mention something about Kaitou Kid at the beginning of the arc?
  5. Ok folk I think Yamamura's grandmother is Bourbon. Why you may ask? Well I believe that she was black mailed by the black organization, because her grandson got into a gambling problem and couldn't pay it back. So she was forced to join the organization or else they would kill Yamamura. I also believe that Yamamura knows Conan's identity and is acting dumb around him to try to tell Conan that his grandmother is bourbon. Sadly this is one clue Conan has not picked up on. I think that Yamamura's grandmother is closing in on Conan, there have been hints that she kidnapped kogoro and is pretending to be him to watch over Conan.
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