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  1. I can't believe I'm back here after 2, 3 years, I don't care if you don't remember me(Its been so long)

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      when i saw rom yui was online, i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Rom Yui
  2. omg xD I'm surprised that your name starts with R too, what about the second letter, is it O too? <:

  3. cool <3

    have you read switch girl? its super funny xD

  4. xD mine would be Kyoko, what about you?

  5. omg!! You like skip beat and kimi Ni Todoke as well, what a coincidence xD

  6. Happy Birthday!! :)

  7. not really... but I still don't agree with ShinxShiho, I'm more into ShinXRan c:

  8. nothing really...

    I like your profile pic :)

    are you ShiXRan fan?

  9. Hi! RoMa-Chaaan!!! what's up??? XD

  10. hi!!!

    welcome to DCW!!! :)

  11. happy birth day!!!

  12. read naruto chapter 580 anyone, I never expected that karin is from the uzumaki clan...

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    2. vawli


      Wow, totally didn't expect that. Even thought the hair and thing, didn't expect it.

    3. Rom Yui

      Rom Yui

      yeah, me too :3

    4. vawli


      Yep we totally agree with eachother.

  13. Thanks for accepting my friend request ^_^

  14. thank you very much, I wouldn't have known if you haven't told me >_< just corrected it :)

  15. Thanks for accepting my friend request :)

  16. thank you very much, I wouldn't have known if you haven't told my >_< just corrected it :)

  17. I'm doing fine! what about you?

  18. Thank you~ I'm glad I came back~

    and I'm glad I can sill recognise some members!!

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