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  1. oh O_O well good luck with that xD give her some candy or somethin ;)

  2. haha yea xD it's Miyano-sempai `~` i haven't finished tho~ i need to type up the rest of it and post it (may be a while tho xD)

  3. ok xD i'm back xD dinner wasn't ... good... so... i pretended to be full after eating half of it... so as soon as my mom goes to sleep i'm going to eat some real food xD

    1. Kiel95


      what i meant was she normally cooks it as beef, egg, tomato, over rice... this time she cooked beef, tofu, tomato... no egg, no rice

    2. Wildheart888


      Ohhh...no rice..then...ur right...

    3. Kiel95
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  4. time for dinner :D be back in a few ;)

  5. i posted two parts of a story and their getting read, so i feel accomplished too ;)

  6. really? i try not to annoy my big bro... we usually just stay out of each others way and don't really talk... and thats actually kinda sad because he goes to college in like... 4 days... O///o i'm still gonna miss him... but we just never really were good friends except when we were like... 5(well he was five i was 3 or 4)

  7. i is happy :D (if you look at my status you'll know why ;3) wuzzup with you? hows it goin?

  8. nah ~ its fine~

    why's she annoying you? :3

  9. haha thanks xD and don't worry, you didn't offend me :) it's actually really hard to do :3 so hows ur day goin?

  10. oi oi oi, ok, maybe you weren't paying attention xD i like her, she doesn't know, and yes, its from a long ways away... i do seriously like her tho... she's still on the cruise ship, but at one point she'll be going to serbia, which is why i'm learning serbian... to stick out... to leave an impression... to not be just one of those random kids she had to watch over...

  11. as you saw in my status... i got a message from the girl i like :D and it's not one of those 5 word messages... it was long :) i so happy ^///^

  12. Is it sad that I almost died of happiness because I got a reply from the girl I like? xD

    1. Kiel95


      haha thanks :) but if i tell her... i wanna tell her in person O_o... which... i don't even know if i'll ever see her again TT-TT

    2. Aeyra


      Good luck from me too!

    3. Kiel95
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  13. WHY DOES NO ONE GO TO THE STORIES ANYMORE DAMMIT!!!! (sorry, my stories been up there for at least 20 min.. usually i'd have at least one view or comment TT-TT)

    1. CarpetCrawler


      It takes a while for the view count to appear when a new thread is created. I'm sure the real view count will appear soon.

    2. Kiel95


      ok xD sorry, i calm now ~ i just remember when the stories section was smaller, even if there was only like 2 other people on, within the first ten minutes someone was usually already reading it >///<

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (sorry i'm late, but i made sure to get in here :D) I LOVE YA BUDDY!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 take it easy ne? and keep in touch :)

  15. woah... that was nervewracking >///< we were talking about who we liked (my friend and I) and i showed her a pic of who i fell for on the cruise... but of course that meant telling her i'm gay... O_O she's the first one of my close friends to know >///< it was so awkward for a while... ^^; but at least it got better xD

    1. Kuroba Kudou

      Kuroba Kudou

      That's pretty sneaky XD

      But a good idea...

    2. OldJustal


      you're gay i never knew.

    3. Kiel95


      *shrug* i never really hid it from you guys xD it says so in my about me section :3 i'm actually closer to bisexual since i like guys and girls, but in truth i label myself as UNKNOWN because i'll fall for whoever the hell i please, and i'm not gonna let gender restrict me :)

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  16. YUP, sadly this time she can only stay for one movie since she has to get to sleep early in prepare for a week long hike xD

  17. well... i often stowaway in my room cuz i'm doing something when it's time to eat xD so i just finished cleaning them up... and we have no clue what movie xD we're gonna see what dvds we have and wats on netflix :)

  18. has to go now... time to eat breakfast and clean my room for when my friend comes over... I LOVE YOU ALL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i will be on later, loves you guys ^^

  19. HUNGRY!!! xD i do have a friend coming over at 4 today and we gonna watch a movie :) but before then i need to clean my room >///< (at least a little bit so i dont have dishes lying around xD)

  20. oh yeah, that supposedly a japanese superstition, where if you sneeze, someone is thinking/talking about you :) i always hope that its her too ^^

  21. well... fanfiction or actual stories? i write a lot... but i don't really publish them cuz i need to polish em and stuff~ but for now it's mainly getting it down before i forget it... then i'd go back and retype the whole thing while turning it into a real flowing story ^^

  22. thanks :) i mean, i write every single day <3 i love it so much ^^ my parents understand but are so annoyed since i spend about half my time away writing, and the other half daydreaming about what should come next in my stories and how to write it out xD

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