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  1. http://twitpic.com/5bahyj i worked real hard... whatdya all think? (not completely finished... i need to finish adding the frosting in the mornin)
    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Oh, cool! :D Haha, what is it? óÒ

    2. Kiel95


      rainbow cake :D

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B0Cfg2aLmA&feature=feedu looky!!! a new song by my awesome buddy! this time we actually get to see her face xD this is the best song yet!!!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TY4R_bVScU&feature=related so sad... i think i'm going to write a fanfic to this IF i have time... hopefully i won't forget... anyways, its my last week of school! i just have to get through finals!!! <3
  4. :) even though i'm not on as often as i used to be, i usually still notice when someone hasn't been on in a while! XD oh yeah, have you had a chance to buy ginseng tea yet? It's good ^^
  5. ;) its all good, i just gotta return it within six months... or exchange it ;) i can learn at least two languages for the price of one, and then i can get all the money back after!
  6. ^-^

    ASL is really fun! i mean, sometimes it's hard, but it is fun!

  7. ah!!! that was a fat cat!!!

    ___/\____\o/____ shark attack! graaawr

  8. Ahaha xD i wish i could say that i do that all the time... but i'm so used to people who look either way that i pay more attention~ i've got a pretty good sense now :) but i mean, you also are just going by what people say in posts and such, unless you look on the profile it can be pretty hard to tell xD

    ah, and i'm glad you love the quote :D ive had it for so long now~ i...

  9. bahhahahahahaaha!

    \(^.^)/ hip hip, hooray!!!

  10. but.... TT^TT....

    what if you send me the stories over PM and i'll review them for you :) if i think others will like it i'll tell you to post it, and if there are some errors that i catch, i'll try to fix them... cuz you may have a great story that you just need edited :)

  11. doin pretty good ^^ thanks for asking...

    i haven't had much time to be on this website since i've been preoccupied with other things...

    anyways, how've you been?

  12. hehe, thnx :) i love being Aicon, and i won't switch over like others!!! <3


  13. hiiiiiiii

    hummm i think that if i give you a nickname, itll be bubba, bb, bub, or bubby ^^ which do you prefer? or should i just stick with bubbles?


    how are you?

    are you having fun?

    isn't this place awesome?

    sorry bout my spazzyness!

    but are you making friends?

    dont forget to check out the stories section!


    *inhales* *exhales*

    ok :) i'm calm~~~ hi <3

  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    i havn't said hi in a while ^-^

  16. i finally figured out a good nickname for you!


    ginseng ^-^

  17. i remember what it sounded like in the movie XD

    something like... 'happi birsdei'

  18. I'm doin ok... hbu??

    time sure flys by.... urg... i haven't posted any fanfics in so long! well, i finally managed to post one up last night ;) so i'm trying to get bak into a posting habit xD

  19. i'm doin pretty good, how bout you?

    yeah, i'm still working on my stories...

    i've almost caught up in the story i'm editing (not a fanfic) and then i'll continue on with the story and connect it to the ending which i've already finished ^^

  20. is it your looks? or is it ur personality?


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