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  1. since i have a feeling tha shiho/ai will not end up with anyone, it makes me wonder... what will be done with her character? she can't stay as a child ... a least, i doubt that would happen... but she most likely won't end up with shinichi... i am actually starting to think that possibly killing her off in the end may be done... i don't want that to happen but it might... if it does, i would want it to end with shiho/ai telling shinichi/conan her true feelings for him... even if he doesn't feel the same way, i think that would be a good way to end it... i'm depressed writing this since i love shiho/ai... but i was thinking really hard about this and i don't think that she has a place in the living world anymore (not like an outcast or anything) but it's like there is nowhere for her to turn... she isn't necessarily shunned, but her only life would be as haibara ai, but as an adult, and what she's said over the course of the episodes and chapters she has been in... i think she wants to be an adult again, and she doesn't like seeing herself as a child... yet she has no family other than the professor and he's not even blood related... that's why i wonder what would become of her... most characters end up with a lover or child-hood friend as a lover, but that isn't possible for shiho/ai unless it's mitsuxai and i really don't see that happening... i'd love to hear what you guys think will actually happen, not what we wish would happen, but what might actually be a valid ending... so i think that shinshi/conai endings are not included (sorry conais and shinshis, but i want a plausible ending...)
  2. Links fixed Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 19 List of the best posts discussing the type of connection/relationship Gin and Shiho Miyano had If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. detectiveshinichi - Gin's behavior detectiveshinichi] - Theory on how Gin met Shiho TML - Gin wants Sherry to return to the Org Aka Peiji - Commentary on Gin's character and theories Chekhov MacGuffin - Gin and Shiho had a romantic relationship theory Chekhov MacGuffin - Shiho was thirteen when she started working for the Org Chekhov MacGuffin V1 V2- Theory on why Shiho would even date Gin in the first place Chekhov MacGuffin - Theory on why Gin hates Shiho now kirite - Gin doesn't like Shiho theory dreznovk - Arguments against the romantic relationship theory Ranger - Gin possibly raped Shiho Carpet Crawler - Objections to the one sided relationship theory greaterbeastxellas - Theory on how Gin met Shiho what sort of connection do the two have? you can see that gin wants sherry dead, and sherry is scared of gin, but why does gin know sherry so well? and he seems to be interested in the guy who saves her in ep 176-177... i mean... what were they in terms of relationship??? is Gin like the jealous ex or what is going on??? it just confuses me ... post your ideas/knowledge of what it is please >w<
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    WHO HERE IS IN LOVE WITH SEBBY?!? AND THE YAOI PAIRING SEBBYXCIEL?!? ~ <3 ~ well, i just wanna talk about black butler since i love it so much <3
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    Black Org's Phone #?

    what was the black orgs number? I would like to be able to play it on my cell phone... i really liked the tune ^-^ if you figure it out please say, I know the first four numbers are 0858 but thats about it... please help! ^-^
  5. Well, it now looks like I won't be on here while I'm at college. It would seem the site has now been blocked... I can get on w/my phone, but that's a little tedious... So I bid you all adieu until thanksgiving break next weekend

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      Nawwww.. D: You have to come back next weekend!

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      my friend, the best i wish you.

      Sir Balthazar

  6. Woke up a half hour late....worst feeling in the world =__=

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      then you go rushing everywhere

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      Yeah... well, I wake up an hour before class and have to get breakfast - so I moved around my room like a mofo and got ready and to breakfast in 5min xD

  7. Hey guys... you all should totally come play Puzzle Pirates :D

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      Not too interesting to be a pirate. I'll play BO2 instead

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      It's an online puzzling game ya butts xD

      jooooooin me in my conquest to conquer the ocean :D (and pick up chicks while we're at it ;D )

  8. To bed I go! Then to class at 8am in the morning! Wooooo..... o__o

  9. I'm trying to figure out what I want for my first tattoo... hmmm

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      then, how about in arabic or hebrew

      man, so many options

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      haha, it's going to be in English xD I'm an english major

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      How about Work? you can never hope to create, imagine or dream without working. :P

  10. I have a headache :o I think it's from staring at my screen for so long xD

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      I ended up napping for two hours... it was still there when I woke up... thankfully it's gone now

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      Yeah :o the headache finally left.... but i've been getting them more often recently :| it sucks

  11. Lalalalala :D Working on my Nano~ Does anyone else here do Nanowrimo? :D

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      I tried once. Only headdesked.

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      Hahahaha :) This is my fourth year :D I love doing it! :)

  12. I decided to drop by because it's been a while and WOAH :o the site has changed :o it looks so cool tho :D

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    King of the Hill

    ok, so, here's how we play the game.... YOU WANT THE HILL!! take the hill and try not to copy anyone else in the process... then once you've gotten rid of the king, claim the hill for yourself! I guess I'll start.. I once found a hill in my backyard... i thought it looked interesting so i went out to look at it... i dug around and found gold! it was a GOLDEN HILL! and now, it was all mine!!! I placed a flag on the hill. MY HILL! I AM KING OF THE HILL!
  14. Yes? You left a comment on my profile. What's up? :)

  15. Yes? :D You left a comment on my profile. What's up? :)

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    haha yep xD apparently a lot of people think I'm a guy online for some reason >///< I don't quite get why... but whatever xD

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    Haha, Gnight! And yeah, I love Kim Possible, but Shego was always my favorite ;) She's so badass <3

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    Ahahaha thanks! Sorry I'm not on as much anymore xD I seem to move around sites a lot depending on my interest xD (Of course DC still has my interest, but currently I'm just really attached to Kim Possible so I've been reading fanfics on FanFiction.net and forgotten about here at times >///< )

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    Miyano-Sempai Part 8

    ok everyone, thanks for bearing with me here, this'll be the final chapter~ Hope all you aicon and shinshi's out there enjoy!! When Shinichi woke up the next morning he could smell something delicious. He slowly sat up and looked towards the kitchen. Sure enough the lights were on and he could hear Shiho cooking inside. "Morning Miyano-Sempai," he said slowly. He couldn't see Shiho but heard her reply, "Morning Kudo-kun, sleep well?" He cricked his neck and replied, "Just a bit sore, but otherwise I slept fine." "That's good. You woke up just in time too. Come and get some breakfast." Standing up, he made his way to the table. He sat down across from her and she served them food. When she sat down she asked, "Really Kudo-kun? Boxers at the breakfast table?" "I didn't want to sleep in my school clothes." "I see, and the reason you didn't pull on your clothes before entering the kitchen is...?" He was silent for a moment and said, "Be right back." A few moments later he reappeared in his clothes and sat back down to eat. They were silent for a bit, but finally started to talk a bit. After finishing up they washed the dishes.~Kiel95 "Is there a reason why your cat keeps staring at me murderously?" Shinichi asked as he glanced at Kyuu. Shiho chuckled and replied, "He's very possessive and since you slept here he's quite angry about that." "I see," he said simply, but he really didn't. The cat didn't really surprise him anymore, but he didn't really think the cat could be that possessive. A second later he felt a sudden weight on his neck and then it was gone. When he looked down, his tie was gone. His head swiveled around until he laid eyes on his missing tie. It was in Kyuu's mouth. He immediately began to chase after Kyuu who managed to barely avoid him. Shiho ignored the commotion for a while and dried the dishes herself, putting them away. After a while though, she began to get annoyed with the two rampaging around her place and she said sternly, "KYUU." Kyuu jumped and hurried over to Shiho with the tie. She took it from him and gave him a disapproving look. Then she turned to Shinichi who was puffing outside the kitchen. Walking over she placed the tie in his hand and said, "Instead of romping around my house with my cat, how about you put on your tie and I show you how to get home from here?" "Hai..." he said in embarrassment. He quickly pulled on his tie while she slipped on her shoes and retrieved her house keys. As they were leaving, Shiho turned and called back, "Bye Kyuu, watch the house." Kyuu meowed and she closed the door and locked it. The two walked in silence for a good five minutes before Shinichi finally spoke up, "Miyano-sempai..." he started. She rolled her eyes and said, "Kudo-kun, you don't have to call me sempai, I was joking around." He was a bit surprised since he thought she'd been serious this whole time, and he'd been struggling to remember to call her that. "O-Oh, well... I was just wondering what you're doing for the rest of the day." She shrugged and said coolly, "I'll probably go home and do some research." "Research?" he asked with a cocked head. "I'm a scientist. I always have something I'm wondering about and wish to research." "Ah... Well... how about you put that off and go to the movies with me?" he asked with a childish grin on his face. "I'm guessing it's a detective movie since you aren't asking Ran... Am I right?" she asked with a knowing smirk. He jolted. Then he muttered, "W-Well yeah... but I was going to go alone. I just thought I could pay you back for dinner and letting me stay over." She thought about it for a moment and shrugged replying, "Sure I guess." He grinned brightly.~Kiel95 After getting to his house, he changed into some casual clothes and then the two left and headed for the theater. Shinichi paid for the tickets in and Shiho chose the seats at the far back. No one was going to sit behind her. She was, as always, slightly paranoid. It was a bit different than what Shiho was expecting. There was a bit more romance than mystery. She thought he hated romance. During the movie Shinichi turned to Shiho and mumbled, "Erm... Miyano..." She turned to him and raised an eyebrow, "What?" "I... actually wasn't planning on ever watching this. I've seen the books you read before. You like romances and don't really mind mysteries. I thought this would be a good way to pay you back." She smirked, "You sure you didn't do it just to ask me out on a date?" Even in the dark she could see how embarrassed he was. Then she heard him mumble, "I did do it to ask you on a date." She cocked an eyebrow and a small smile played on her lips. Then she leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for bringing me here. Next time though, just ask. You don't need to give excuses in a round about way to ask me on a date." he was gaping at her for the thousandth time as she turned back to the screen with a satisfied grin. Before his mouth could close, she slowly interlaced her fingers with his and real genuine smile rested on her face. Shinichi couldn't' help but smile as well. Things were looking up. ~Kiel95 Hey, thanks for reading! It'd be great for a critique or two! It's been a while since I wrote this, and I hope i've improved since I did, but I'd love to hear what you all have to think about this! Hope you all enjoyed!!
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    Miyano-Sempai Part 8

    Thanks for all the commenting <3 I went through all my chapters and read what you had to say (i'm just a lazy ass and decided to only comment on the last xD) But hey, thank you SO much for reading this <3 if you like I'm trying to start posting my fanfics onto my Fanfiction account which I'm going to bring to life tonight (or at least within the next hour before i decide i should sleep :3 ) On Fanfiction.net my username is Kiel95 ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I only hope my writing has improved since I wrote this... (most of my DC fics are months old since i worked on original stories for a few months, and now i've started Kim Possible fanfics xD)
  21. You can find my AiCon stories in the Fanfiction section... in the Stories part :) umm well... I also just decided to see if I have the patience to post stuff on Fanfiction.net so you can look me up there... my username is Kiel95

  22. I miss you Ginseng <3 <3 <3 even though I'm rarely on I still miss you!!!!

  23. Well shit... i just realized i haven't been on since my birthday... and in fact i didn't get back on after my SAT prep class... i'm a terrible person >///<

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    Ok, so far I only know of Spectra who knows Serbian~ I figure i'd make a thread for anyone interested in learning Serbian, who already know serbian, or who are currently learning serbian to talk and consult with each other if it really is only me and Spectra, i'll be sad... but, at least i'll have this place xD so, please, come over to our side and learn some Serbian :3 I'll even post a link of a basic place to learn a little bit of Serbian to see if you like it and want to continue Serbian Basics next is a link to learn more than just the basics, it teaches in a great method, tho i suggest doing the lessons two or three times to really understand before moving on~~~ Serbian School so, join me in learning Serbian :3 or help me learn if you already know xD thanks for visiting!!!! <3 also, to make it easy here's a translator~ it's currently set on English to Serbian (this is for when you see vocab words you don't know xD) Translator