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  1. Italian and English, English is my second language. I study abroad right now and sometimes it's not so easy to cope with allt hose paper work. Luckily I found writing service here https://assignmentshark.com/ to help me with my chemistry homework. Useful option for foreign students.
  2. andymoor

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    sounds cool! I just bought new gaming chair
  3. andymoor

    Your latest Buys

    I bought new board game, monopoly
  4. I love Asian and Latina girls the most. Love watching hot videos on pornfxx.me with young pretty chicks. There are many categories and all vids are available without registration. What could be better. It's entertaining.
  5. I just started reading Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Great book!
  6. I'm into League of Legends right now, this game is awesome, I can play it for hours. Besides I found league of legends tournaments here https://tips.gg/lol/tournaments/ and now playing the game is even more entertaining. I love competitions! They help me to improve my gaming skills. Hope one day I'll become a pro gamer.
  7. Leviathan- Hobbes Thomas and The Prince - Machiavelli, Niccolò.
  8. I'm thinking of chatting with girls here , it is a free online service that lets you connect to random people around the world and do naughty things with them. This is my main hobby right now, it's very entertaining. A friend of mine met his gf online too.
  9. Just finished The Hero and the Crown, by Robin McKinley and as it stands, absolutely loved it.
  10. I have been chatting with hot girl online here, it was so entertaining that I forgot about everything. She's awesome. I hope we'll start dating one day. There are so many cool girls and I can chat with any of them all night long. Have you ever tried live webcam chats?
  11. Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions , great novel.
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