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  1. alexsandro22

    Wich was the best airport you have ever visited?

    As for me it was Sydney International airport. Quite huge, nice and ofcourse comfortable enough. The only problem was to find parking place for my car next to the airport. After all I booked it through another service https://gotoairportparking.com and put my car there. Anyway in result I can certainly say that Sydney has the best airport wich I've ever seen. imao
  2. alexsandro22

    Any hunters here?

    If someone here used to hunt I have few questions for you about special tools for that. Does it matter what kind of binoculars do you take with you? Because I have only perrini brand and some friends of mine told me that it is not for hunting at all. Is he right?
  3. alexsandro22

    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play this game too and I also realized few more things. Every few monthes apear new shops that starts selling services, but as usually they works 2-3 monthes and then disapear with all money for not completed orders. And as result you get not finished boost and no money. I advice you to check destiny 2 boosting service and decide what is better for you. Good luck
  4. alexsandro22

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    It was a banana
  5. alexsandro22

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Arch of Triumph was the last one I've read
  6. alexsandro22

    why the website was down?

    I could not access to the website too for a while
  7. alexsandro22

    How can I protect my privacy?

    It has became one of the biggest and most important problems nowadays. Your thoughts about it?