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  1. alexsandro22

    Any hunters here?

    If someone here used to hunt I have few questions for you about special tools for that. Does it matter what kind of binoculars do you take with you? Because I have only perrini brand and some friends of mine told me that it is not for hunting at all. Is he right?
  2. alexsandro22

    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play this game too and I also realized few more things. Every few monthes apear new shops that starts selling services, but as usually they works 2-3 monthes and then disapear with all money for not completed orders. And as result you get not finished boost and no money. I advice you to check destiny 2 boosting service and decide what is better for you. Good luck
  3. alexsandro22

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    It was a banana
  4. alexsandro22

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Arch of Triumph was the last one I've read
  5. alexsandro22

    why the website was down?

    I could not access to the website too for a while
  6. alexsandro22

    How can I protect my privacy?

    It has became one of the biggest and most important problems nowadays. Your thoughts about it?