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  1. I recently bought all the Japanese volumes, and I noticed what the characters are saying have som significant differences from translated volumes. My Jp. prints are all from 2016 - 2018, so I'm wondering if the text has been changed since the first prints? Here's a few examples (putting in spoilers for easier viewing): Vol. 11, ch. 105: Vol. 07, ch. 66: Vol. 05, ch. 41: The German volume says it was translated from the Japanese version, while the Norwegian and Swedish volumes says nothing about it, and could have been translated from German (or an other language). But since they're so similar, but so different from the new Japanese versions, I'm really wondering if the Japanese versions were changed a lot. If the text was changed between the old and new Japanese prints, I'd also love to know what year it was changed (or at least what year it still keeps the old text). Those translations got so much more character, and some nice extra info, so I was rather disappointed when I got those new Japanese prints.