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  1. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday =)

    I had a great day, besides being sick XD

  2. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday ^^

  3. Yeah, I can speak Vietnamese but I'm not very good at it...

  4. Wants to change her name to 'Thingamajig'. What do you think?

  5. Really? Hmmm, I'm sure I saw it, but it was probably just my imagination, then XD hahahahahah *feels awkward*

  6. Haha, I actually saw the year you were born before you hid it >=D ...but now I've forgotten =.=" (me and my bad memory...)

  7. lol, I really hate homework... good luck with it d(^^)b

  8. Hello~ I feel really weird right now, 'cause I'm no longer buried under the pressure of homework =p How about you?

  9. I don't know, it's just funny =)

  10. Hahaha~ Your signature keeps making me laugh XD

  11. Happy Birthday, Shuu~ Hope you had fun! ^^

  12. Hi, cuffycake! Welcome to DCW~

  13. That's good to know =)

  14. I'm good, thanks. How about you?

  15. Hello! Welcome to DCW~

  16. Yes, I'm a girl. I was joking when I said that I was a guy. =p

    Oh yeah, THOSE chips...

  17. Eeeh? You're leaving DCW? D=

  18. ...What cookies? I don't recall telling anyone I made cookies... I hate cooking.

  19. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it! ^^

  20. It's fine, as long as it helps ^^

  21. I already read it. I was just reading the comments and stuff. You're a really good author, btw =D

  22. Yes, what Rom Yui said- Welcome!!! XP

  23. Hi, thanks for the friend add! L=

  24. Thanks for the friend add! Have fun here L=

  25. Hi, Welcome to DCW! Have fune here L=

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