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  1. Hey, it's Ruby :o The avatar I''m using right now is actually Gold's quilava XD

  2. Hmm... I'm gonna call you Phantom if you don't mind. We seem to have a lot in common :o

  3. Well, I don't remember ever eating turkey so I can't say :P

  4. It's name is Quilava XD It's not exactly my favourite pokemon, but he looks so cute in this picture XP

  5. I'm good, thanks ^^ How about you?

  6. Yay~ You're back! Welcome back to DCW :D

    It seems like everyone's coming back now haha XP

  7. I'm fine, thanks :)

    My holiday has just begun!

  8. Well, it's good to have you back ^^

  9. Oh, I see. I probably should have read your about me page earlier. Welcome back to DCW! I was wondering why you had a whole new user. But doesn't Monsi know the e-mail account you used? From when the two of you ran 'Boys vs Girls'

  10. It's just as you said. I didn't expect you to be on DCW :P

  11. There are a lot of different ways to pretend. Pretending you're not crazy, pretending you're hungry, pretending you're sleeping, pretending you're happy ...pretending you're doing work :P

  12. Everyone's crazy in their own crazy way. Some just pretend they're not :P

  13. Not really, it feels a bit awkward when I'm smiling at a screen XD

  14. *is always sleepy*

  15. *Doesn't like medicine* Umm, err thanks? I'm not that sick anyway. Other than a sore throat, I feel fine~ :D How about you?

  16. Slightly sick, but otherwise good.

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